India Is Not A Democracy But Hindutva Federalism

India Is Not A Democracy But Hindutva Federalism

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

The Indian government has arrested at least 75 Kashmiri political leaders and activists to forestall political unrest after an alliance of regional political parties who won local bodies elections in Kashmir. The latest detentions, which include separatist leaders and members of the banned groups were for the preventive custody as claimed by the fascist regime of Modi.

Imran Nabi Dar, spokesman of the National Conference, a regional party and a key member of the alliance, said the detentions undermine the verdict of the people. Omar Abdullah, a former chief minister and head of the alliance’s victory shows that Kashmiris have not accepted Modi’s decision to end Kashmir’s special status.

India claims to be the largest democracy but its fake and false claim cannot be supported and substantiated by any means or measures. India is hoodwinking the world as it is a Hindutva Federalism, not a genuine democracy.

A. G. Noorani is an eminent Indian author and lawyer base in Mumbai. He has unveiled the false claim of Modi and revealed the real visage of Indian hypocrisy. In a column, recently published he has written:

“India’s constitution is not federal with unitary features but with federal features, a British constitutional lawyer remarked.”

Mr. Noorani while commenting on it asserts that was shortly after it came into force in 1950. Now that judgement stands validated. After the Modi Government came  to power in May 2014, it is the unitary, not the federal features that have assumed greater force. The writer believes that the Modi government has accelerated an old process and inspired it with the Hindutva ethos. The Jan Sangh and its successor BJP never felt comfortable with the concept of Federalism. Mr. Noorani concludes his article by opining as such:

“India’s democracy is run by undemocratic political parties, and its federalism is wrapped by highly centralized political practices.”

Modi government has made India a prison for its political opponents and the minorities are curbed and crippled. The horrors being committed in Kashmir are unprecedented in human history. India is roguishly propagating against Pakistan. Kashmir is the jugular vein and integral part of Pakistan. Foreign Office has urged the world to take a serious look into the malicious Indian propaganda that not only aims to defame Pakistan but also politicizes international fora and imperils peace and security.

India is being exposed globally because of its gruesome undemocratic steps and for its anti-Pakistan disinformation campaign. Describing the EU DisinfoLab revelations as enormously damaging, a European Union-based human rights activist Andy Vermaut Sunday called for lawsuit against Indian government of fake news propaganda.

“This should have consequences for Indian government that has the final responsibility. The Indian government should be held accountable for this in the court”, said Andy Vermaut, who is an official member of “The International Alliance for the Defence of Rights and Freedoms ( AIDL) constituted by the United Nations ( ECOSOC).

In an interview with Islamabad Policy Research Institute, he urged all the victim parties to sit down together for legal proceedings against India for its enormous damage to Pakistan, China, European Union and United Nations as well as the minorities living in India who were already suffering due to Indian policies.

I would like to thank and appreciate the Turkish authorities which on December 24, 2020, closed down a website being operated by India to spread anti-Pakistan propaganda. This was revealed by Abdul Akbar, a diplomat at Pakistan embassy at Ankara. Named after defunct Hamevaser Hebrew Weekly Published from Constantinople during 1909-1911, the website was part of Indian Chronicles, resurrected by India to defame Pakistan in Turkey.

India has become a hub of terrorism and extremism and crookedly shifts the onus on the shoulders of Pakistan. The ambassador of Pakistan to the US, Mr. Asad Majeed Khan has said that the US has an important role to play in stopping Indian interference and maintaining peace and security of the region. In an interview to the US magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Mr. Asad Majeed Khan noted that Pakistan has managed to significantly reduce the number of attacks in the country over the last decade. However, he blamed India for the resurgence of attacks in the country. He aptly said:

”Unfortunately, we see the Indian footprints and fingerprints all over the place”.

Referring to the human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir, he maintained that we would like to see the US pressure over the revocation of the disputed region’s special status and the repressive measures Indian Prime Minister Modi continues to enforce.

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan has also expressed serious concern over Indian government’s move to build the first military settlement in Budgam district of the occupied Kashmir where ex-service men who massacred Kashmiris would be settled. In a statement, he said that India had already constructed two military settlements in Jammu region, but it had so far failed to build such settlements in Kashmir valley because of opposition by the political parties and the freedom groups. The apprehensions of the President of AJK are a writing on the wall.

The  Revenue Department of Indian Occupied Kashmir had expedited the process to transfer 200 kanals (25 acres) agricultural land to the military officials. This heinous act is to grab the land of Kashmiris in order to turn Kashmir into Indian colony.

I deem it pertinent to mention that not only the male youth is fighting Indian aggression and hegemony, even the young girls and old ladies are crusading against Indian State Terrorism in Kashmir. Kashmir Muslim Conference Chairman Shabbir Ahmed Dar has hailed the courage and conviction of all Kashmiri prisoners particularly women who are in illegally custody of India for the past many years. In a statement issued in Srinagar he said:

“The steadfastness exhibited by these proud daughters of Kashmir is the real source of inspiration for all of us to continue our struggle against the illegal occupation of India and always will be part of this sacred freedom movement which is being nurtured with the precious blood of our brave sons and daughters.”

Is this Indian secularism and democracy? The women of Kashmir have been the prime targets of the forces of occupation who are raping, molesting, incarcerating and  harassing them. Shame on Modi and his cohorts. Such demonic acts constitute a grave human rights violations, and international community is duty bound to take up the issue with India and ensure the release of the prisoners of conscience. The UN must pressurize India to hold plebiscite in Kashmir as pledged.

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