“Back to the Holy Quran” must be our motto, mission and mantra

“Back to the Holy Quran” must be our motto, mission and mantra

By Prof Dr Maqsood Jafri

I read an inspiring and insightful post about Mr Richard who was an American military officer and was a great enemy of Islam and Muslims. He had planned to kill the Muslims during their prayer in a mosque but after reading the Holy Quran changed his mind and embraced Islam. As he himself admitted that the verse 32 of Surah Al-Maida (The Table) changed his life and he became a devout and ardent Preacher of Islam.

I would like to quote this verse for the non-Muslims for their guidance and true comprehension of the Quranic message for the uplift and protection of all mankind. It says:

That was why, We laid down for the Children of Israel that whoever killed a human being, except as a punishment for murder or for sedition in the earth, should be looked upon as though, he had killed all mankind; and that whoever saved a human life should be regarded as though he had saved all mankind.

Then, who are these people who are killing the non-Muslims and even the Muslims on sectarian differences? Are they Muslims? Can we call theses extremists and terrorists as Muslims? Not at all. Either, they are misguided by extremists or they are the agents of the enemies of Islam and are on a heinous and pugnacious mission to defame Islam.

The tragedy is that a common Muslim does not read the Quran with its translation in his own language, so he does not know what he is reading and what the message of Allah is. We must read the Quran with translation or directly in our mother tongue for its proper comprehension. Besides, we are divided into many sects. We discuss the historical controversies, juristic conflicts, contrarieties and religious personalities. We do not act upon the injunctions of the Quran.

Islam has been kidnapped by Mullahs and Sufis. Islam is a religion of peace and justice. It is a code of life. We have failed to implement an Islamic way of life because of monarchy, Sufism and Mullahism. We got refuge in Sufism and in self-abnegation. Even today, out of 57, Muslim states, not a single Muslim State is an Islamic welfare state. In some countries, we have monarchy and in others militarism. There is no freedom, democracy and social justice in any Muslim State. We lay more stress on religious rituals and rites and are totally ignorant of their spirit. We talk more about heaven and have made our earthly life like a hell.

Let me just quote two basic religious obligations: Prayer and Fasting. The Quran says the basic aim of the prayer is to abstain from evil, obscenity and infidelity. Then, it addresses the Muslims and asks them to fast as fasting makes us pious and righteous. If we do not become gentlemen and humanitarians, then we do not serve the purpose of prayers. The end and destination is to achieve purity, piety and parity, otherwise, our prayers are futile traditional rituals.

In my two books of English on Islam titled “The Message of Islam” (Published in America) and “The Rational Study of Islam”, I have emphasized on the need of implementation of the Quranic code and system and rejected sectarianism.

“Back to the Holy Quran” must be our motto, mission and mantra. Read the Quran directly and act upon it individually and collectively. No lip service to Islam. It needs implementation based on the principles of moderation, rationalism, humanitarianism, justice and democracy.

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