National Anthem Of Israel Is A Call To Aggression And Vengeance

National Anthem Of Israel Is A Call To Aggression And Vengeance

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

I would like to throw light on the pernicious and fascist designs of Israel. The barbaric attack by Israeli forces on the unarmed Palestinians is an eye opener for the Muslims world over. In my two published books titled “The Testament of Truth” and “Moderate Meditations”, I had exclusively written on Middle East crisis.

Today, I would like to inform the world intelligentsia about the vile mindset of the Zionists of Israel. It seems pertinent to mention that there are some sects of Jews who do not support the notion of establishing a Jewish State in Israel as they claim that Judaism is a non-political religion. So many Jews interacted with me in America and vehemently opposed the violation of human rights of the Palestinians at the hands of the Zionists.

In 1886 at Basel, Switzerland, Theodore Herzel founded the Zionist Movement for procuring land to establish a Zionist State. He confesses in his booklet titled the Jewish State:

“Indeed every point which arises in the relations between the nations is a question of might. In the world as it now is and for an indefinite period will probably remain the same. Might proceeds Right.”

The Balfour Declaration of British was the foundation stone for the edifice of the Zionist entity in Palestine. From 1918 to 1948, the British Crown ruled Palestine and planted Jewish immigrants in Palestine from Europe. The Israelis are acting on the policy of fascism given to them by their spiritual and political ideologue Herzel. The National Anthem of Israel is extremely virulent and vicious and vilifies all human ethics. It is a call for vengeance and aggression. It says:

“As long as there is a Jewish soul in the heart.
Yearning forward, towards the East.
Our hope is not made yet.
A thousands years dream of our land.
The land of Zion and Jerusalem.
Let those who are our enemies shudder.
Let all the inhabitants of Egypt and Canaan tremble.
Let the inhabitants of Babylon shudder.
To look over their skies, panic and terror from us.
When we see their blood being shed,
And their heads cut off,
Then we will be God’s
Chosen people where God willed.”

This perfidious anthem is like their hymn. To please God, they aspire and intend to spill the blood of Muslims. Nobody brands them as terrorists whose national anthem declares terrorism and bloodbath. The Palestinians are accused to be terrorists who are armless and are pelting stones while receiving Israeli bullets on their chests.

Great American living philosopher Noam Chomsky has recently issued a statement against the brutal act of the Israeli police who opened indiscriminate fire on the Palestinians when they were offering prayers in al- Aqsa Mosque. Israel is not implementing UN resolutions and also is not honouring OSLO pact and is inflicting unprecedented atrocities on peaceful and unarmed Palestinians.

It is a matter of great ignominy and shame that some Arab states have recognized Israel and are pressurizing some other Muslim states to recognize Israel. Actually, these monarchs want to seek refuge under the Umbrella of America to save their monarchies but soon, they will face the wrath of public and Allah. They will be liquidated and perished like bubbles as great poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz had said that the turbulent waves can not be stopped by twigs. The crowns and thrones will be buried in dust. These conscienceless Muslim rulers do not know that by siding and recognizing Israel, they are digging their own grave.

In my book titled “The Testament of Truth” published in 1992, I had written:

“The Zionists are endeavouring to achieve their long cherished goal of a greater Israel from the Nile to Euphrates.”

Dr. Iqbal had said:

“In fact, the British imperialism has sought a home for itself in the form of a permanent mandate in the religious home of the Muslims.”

I must pay tributes to the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who strongly protested on the bestial and uncouth attack of the Israeli police on unarmed Palestinians. He said:

“The Jews are planning to capture Mecca and Medina.”

He is very right. The Muslim Ummah must get rid of the touts and agents of Imperialism who are ruling over us and imbue and imbibe the zeal of our foes. The revolutionary spirit of Islam needs to be reawakened and rejuvenated. We have to unite to defeat the enemies of Islam. I stand by the stance of Dr Iqbal who had said that priesthood and monarchy are two evils and ailments in Muslim society. We have to pave the path of science and technology and of unity and progression to face the challenges of time. Only prayers do not count. Action is required. The Quran says:

“God does not change the fate of the people, unless they change themselves.”

This Quranic verse speaks volumes. Only a sensible and sane nation is required to comprehend the latent message of the verse.


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