Israel’s use of bombs ‘Made in the USA’ to pound Gaza

Israel’s use of bombs ‘Made in the USA’ to pound Gaza

The bomb Israel used to bring down Al-Jalaa tower (with AP and Al Jazeera English offices) is a US Made GBU-31 bomb that weighs 907KG.

Israel used US-made MK-84 bombs (weight 1000KG) in Saturday night’s (15th May 2021) deadliest attack on Gaza’s Al-Wehda St. that killed 42 civilians, including 2 medical doctors, 10 children & 16 women.

You can see the writing on this one:

The US-made GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (110 kg) is another one Israel is using in Gaza. Its size is intended to allow jets to carry a higher number of bombs, but it’s highly destructive & precision-guided.

Israel isn’t even hiding this. The Israeli Air Force posted this footage on their official twitter account where they could be seen loading US Made bombs & missiles on the night they dropped 450 bombs on Gaza’s north within 30 minutes.

Source: Tweets by Muhammad Shehada 


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