For nations the punishment of weakness is sudden death

For nations the punishment of weakness is sudden death

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

Dr Iqbal had said: ”The punishment of weakness is sudden death.” It means the nations which are not rational, active, strong and practical are doomed to death and bound to dwindle, diminish, destroy, disconcert and eventually perish.

Great Muslim historian Ibe- Khaldon also opined that the nations, like a child are born, enjoy youth and then get old and then are perished. The history records several events of the rise and fall of nations. The book written by Gibbon titled “The Rise and Fall of Nations “ speaks volumes of this matter. The Holy Quran has also narrated the fate of some nations, particularly in Surah “The Heights”, it mentions the fate of some nations for their disobedience to the divine message. We must learn the core and crux of these verses. From verse 60 to 100, the stories of some prophets are described with one main point . The Quran says:

Long ago, We sent forth Nuh to his people. He said: ‘Worship Allah, my people, for you have no god but Him. Beware of the torment of a fateful day’. But the elders of his people said: ‘we can see that you are in error.’

The same answer was given to prophet Hud, Salah, Lot, Shoaib and Moses. Who rejected the prophets? The high ups. The elites. The moneyed class. The poor and common people accepted the divine message. Similarly, the Chieftains of Makkah like Abu Sufyan, Abu Labab and Abu Jehl opposed the message of the Quran and poor people like Bilal, Abu Zarr Ghaffari, Ammar bin Yasir and Salman Farsi embraced Islam. The logic and point of inference is that the upper class is always opportunist, lop- sided, hypocritical and imposturous.

Hazrat Ali says that a ruler must be in touch with people and must not depend on elite class as they always betray in hard times. It is a great practical wisdom. In the whole world, when a ruler is in hot waters, his associates and adherents who had enjoyed the perks of power leave him and seek shelter under the umbrella of new rulers. In Pakistan, we see how shamelessly the bureaucracy alters its loyalties on the change of the government. William Shakespeare had said that true love does not alter when finds alteration. The travesty of the matter is that we have totally failed to make a nation. The bureaucracy is neither loyal to nation nor to state and nor to government. It is loyal to its own perks and privileges. This is one of the causes of our destruction and downfall. The Quran has aptly pointed out this point in its verses mentioned above.

The nations suffer for their own faults. The Muslims are ordained not to be divided in to tribes, sects , races and classes. They are ordained to remain united and are asked not to be divided into sects. Unity is a stronghold and safe haven. They will never stumble or falter, if they are united. Unfortunately, the monarchs and Mullahs have divided them. We need enlightened leadership and rational clergy to take us out from the gamut of decadence , division and disruption.

We do what the Quran has prohibited. We are suffering because of monarchs and priests. The Quran condemns these religious self – styled custodians of religion. The retrogressive ecclesiastical mind set is the basic cause of the downfall of the Muslims. These clerics are swindlers and imposters. In the garb of Sufis and spiritual cohorts , they cheat illiterate people.

Jesus Christ challenged the authority of the Jewish rabbis and called them imposters. To date we see Indian Hindu Pundits preaching the bloodshed of Muslims. The Jewish rabbis and the Buddhist Bhikshos of Myanmar are preaching the same demonic cult of killing the Muslims. But what the Muslims are up to? What is their strategy? The Arab Kings are the slaves of America and now have become the lackeys and cronies of Israel too. The way the Palestinians are being massacred by the Israeli forces, it is a challenge for Muslims. Unfortunately, the Muslims lag behind in science and technology and are divided. Until, the Arab monarchs are ousted from the prodigious palaces , the Muslims can neither unite nor progress.

It is the human and democratic duty of all lovers of liberty, whether they are Muslims or non- Muslims to support and succour the forces which are crusading against Kings, dictators and fascists. Kashmir is under siege. The women are being gang raped. The youth is incarcerated and shot dead. UN is least bothered to resolve Palestine and Kashmir issues. The cries of the oppressed Palestinians and Kashmiris fall on deaf ears. A cry in wilderness gets no response. The Muslim rulers are dead and conscienceless. They are saving their own skin. The common Muslims are much perturbed and feel concerned on this plight but are helpless. America, Israel and India are a demonic axis and anti-Islam. Unfortunately, now Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirates have also joined hands with the Satan of our Time.

In the giving situation, a new bloc is a must to end the perfidious designs of the aggressors. Russia, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey must unite to counter Western terrorism. The hegemony of India and Israel can only be eradicated by the bloc called “ Six States Union.” No other way to get rid of the tenacious clutches of oppressors.

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