Important statement on virus by Sheikh Imran Hosein

Important statement on virus by Sheikh Imran Hosein

Special report on the coronavirus pandemic

The well-known Islamic scholar and expert in Eschatology, Sheikh Imran Hosein spoke on the coronavirus, its origins, the response of the WHO and also on its vaccines. He said:

I have consistently maintained that this covid19 virus has not come from nature. It has been manufactured in a laboratory and therefore this constitutes biological war. Let me give my reasoning, why I have come to this conclusion. The Quran is our source of knowledge and so we turn to the Quran to find a solution for this virus. Allah tells us in the Quran that the Truth is embedded in Allah’s creation. If this is so and a virus comes from Nature, then that virus will not envelop the whole world; that will be an unjust order, not a moral order. A virus which comes from Nature and embraces all of mankind could not come from a universe which is created with truth embedded in it. And so we conclude, since this virus (coronavirus) has embraced all mankind, anywhere you go in the world, the governments are now following the script sent by WHO. Therefore, wherever the governments control the people today, the virus is present. And they are very eager in counting the number of the people affected by the virus. They are not too particular about how accurate their diagnosis is.

These kind of slipshod calculations show us that this virus is not from nature. It is in conflict with the truth that comes from the Quran, that a virus could embrace all of mankind at the same time. Since the virus is manufactured, it constitutes biological warfare. We should recognise their End Game. The End Game is located in the holy land, so this virus has Zionist roots. Therefore we anticipate that this virus is to continue for several years. It is not going to stop now. This phenomenon has never existed in human history; it is happening for the first time. Therefore that should alert the medical scholars that they should analyse this purely from medical point of view. What is the end game?

Our Prophet PBUH has prophesized about the End of Times. He said that the Arabs are going to be wiped out by plague. That is the old term; the new term is the epidemic/virus. My understanding is that this does not apply to the entire Arab world. It applies particularly to the Arabs in the holy land and around the holy land. I anticipate they will keep this virus coming and going, until eventually a virus will be released in the holy land, in Israel, which will be the most dangerous virus of all manufactured in the laboratory, and it will wipe out the Arabs. If it is wiping out the Arabs, what about the Jews? We are looking here at a virus that is manufactured and has DNA specifications that will target only the Arabs and not target the Jews.. This is not some anti-Semitic diatribe. I am merely speaking what I view to be factual, that this is what is going to happen. When the Arabs in the holy land and around the holy land are wiped out the Israelis will say, don’t blame us, blame the virus.

I am telling you now that you should not be brainwashed. Everything that comes from WHO, our Muslim govts are following to the letter; social distancing, face masks, lockdowns, closing the Masjids, everything that comes from WHO. It looks like a circus to me. They are playing games with us.

What has our Prophet PBUH said about the virus? Will the govt of Pakistan listen? What is our way? Are you capable of thinking? I am just inviting you to think if you have an iota of fidelity to the truth! And the truth comes from Quran, and from the one who was sent to teach the Quran (PBUH). So how would our Prophet (PBUH) respond if he was here today in Islamabad? People no longer think. Allama Iqbal said that this Ummah stopped thinking 500 years ago. When will you (Pakistanis) learn to think, instead of slavishly following the WHO?

Our Prophet (PBUH) said that if you are in a place of virus don’t leave, and if you are outside, don’t enter. This indicates that he was conscious of the fact that the virus can be contagious. What he said amounted to quarantine, so yes, he would impose a quarantine. But he would impose it only when there was adequate evidence that a plague/epidemic was in place. What we have today is too many cooks cooking a false diet in the kitchen, telling us that the epidemic is everywhere, and we follow what they say like cattle and sheep! The media, the newspapers, the television continue the brainwashing.

The Prophet (PBUH) also said that if a virus comes in a place and you don’t leave, and if you die, you die a martyr. Did he say that you must shut down the market? If the Prophet (PBUH) was alive, how would he react? Would he say that don’t go to work and don’t earn your livelihood? Would he say that you can’t go to Masjid to perform prayers? Would he try to separate people from each other? Will you not think? Life goes on in the area where epidemic is taking place. You have no right to disrupt the economy. You can only enforce quarantine. You do not have the right to stop people from going to masjid, and I am not only speaking to the people of Pakistan. I am speaking to the (Muslim) governments all over the world who have been brainwashed into stopping people from going to masjid. From where did the governments get this authority? I don’t see any voices among Muslims challenging the government’s authority, but yes, I see a Christian minister doing that. Even worse is what is being imposed in the masjid, standing 3 feet apart like monkeys. And as soon as you leave the masjid you forget about being 3 feet apart. Would the Prophet (PBUH) do that? You will have to answer for that on the Judgement Day! We reject this. If we are not allowed to perform the Salah as it ought to be performed than we suspend the Salah. And if we suspend the Salah, you (the government) would have to answer on the Judgement Day for that.

I don’t trust the people who manufactured the virus to wage a biological war, so I wont trust their vaccine. But I don’t think Russia would do such a thing, not orthodox Christian Russia. We trust Russia because Russia is returning to her orthodox Christian heart. The leaders of Russia today are the best leaders in the world. If I am forced to take a vaccine, I will take the Russian one. The Chinese are businessmen but Russians are Christians. I don’t trust the western vaccine, so if you want to take the vaccine, it is up to you, but I wont take it, I don’t need it. Life and Death are in Allah’s hands. He will write when I die, not the vaccine, not the virus.

The Pakistan which is faithful to the book of Allah, would be a Pakistan which is not afraid of death. I have one last comment to make and I hope the Zionists are listening. The Russian president Vladimir Putin once said that those who are preparing poison for us to drink, will one day drink their own poison. There is much truth in those words, because this virus has come from the Zionists’ laboratory and it was created to try to facilitate Pax Judaica to replace Pax Americana, so that Israel can become more easily the ruling state in the world without the obstruction of the hostile Arab population inside Israel and around Israel. Have you forgotten that if you prepare poison for us to drink, one day you can drink the same poison? Your biological war is going to backfire on you!

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