Russia Will Not Bend Its Knee And Submit To The West – Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

Russia Will Not Bend Its Knee And Submit To The West – Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

In a video released this month, the well-known Islamic scholar, Sheikh Imran N. Hosein, gave his views on the on-going Ukraine-Russia tensions. Some of the points that he made were:

  • Russia is not prepared to bend its knee and submit to the West.
  • Russia has the right to protect its security.
  • If NATO wants to continue on this foolish path they will take mankind to the brink of destruction.
  • Russia is not foolish; it will not invade Ukraine, unless someone wants a war.
  • The show of force by Russia at the Ukrainian border is meant to deliver a military, political and economic message but most importantly a psychological message to the West.
  • Turkey is behaving in a reckless way by selling weapons to Ukraine.

This is the complete video on this topic.


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