Sheikh Imran N. Hosein’s Analysis of Russia’s Military Intervention In Ukraine – 2

Sheikh Imran N. Hosein’s Analysis of Russia’s Military Intervention In Ukraine – 2

By News Desk

This is the second commentary by the well-known Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran N. Hosein on Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine. He said that Russia’s actions in Ukraine have shown the world that power will now be used to resist the oppressor and to liberate the oppressed, just as Allah has mentioned in the Surah Kahf of the Quran. The West spent 5 billion dollars in Ukraine to bring about colour revolution in Ukraine, and he said that he wonders how much money was being spent by them to remove Imran Khan from power in Pakistan. He said that we must remember that this world has a moral law and the moral law is the highest law.

Regarding the sanctions imposed on Russia by the West, he said that it was shameful, disgraceful and manifestly sinful to use trade and food as a weapon of war. Those imposing these restrictions have to be a people of absolutely no moral consciousness whatsoever. In the process of trying to hurt Russia, the West is destroying itself. Russia will survive and win this war.

Sheikh Imran Hosein is also an expert in Islamic eschatology and has a deep insight about the geopolitics of the region. Here is his second video on Russia-Ukraine conflict:

Watch Part 1 here

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