American Analyst Shocked At Political Upheaval, Says Pakistan Taken Back 20 Years Into The Past

American Analyst Shocked At Political Upheaval, Says Pakistan Taken Back 20 Years Into The Past

By News Desk

Andrew Korybko is an American political analyst who is based in Moscow. He specialises in the relationship between the US strategy in Afro-Eurasia, China’s One Belt One Road global vision of New Silk Road connectivity and Hybrid Warfare. Recently he took to Twitter to express his views about the recent political crisis in Pakistan. He said as a Pole he was shocked to see how Pakistani media was gaslighting the public by comparing a patriotic leader like Imran Khan to Hitler. He said he had always considered himself a passionate supporter and friend of Pakistan and it was heart-breaking to see what was happening in the aftermath of Imran Khan’s ouster. This is what he had to say:

Dear Pakistani friends, here’s my brief and very candid assessment of everything that’s transpired in your country over the last few weeks. Pakistan has been taken back literally 20 years into the past. I’m heartbroken to watch all this happen.

With all due respect to the majority of patriotic members in the Pakistani Establishment, those among the elite echelons who rolled out these media puppets and got them to so shamelessly lie and gaslight are literally endangering national security, especially in a 5GW way. They’ve discredited the entire media and by extension The Establishment itself in the eyes of many Pakistanis. They cried wolf by lying about Imran Khan, including him supposedly being worse than Hitler, which is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

Unfortunately, they’ll likely be a time where real 5GW threats will once again infiltrate Pakistan, yet folks might not believe the media and their elite Establishment patrons when that happens, all because both completely discredited themselves in this infowar campaign. Whoever is running Pakistan’s “perception management” operations right now literally took the country back 20 years to the pre-internet era by operating out of a totally outdated infowar playbook. I literally cringe every time I read an official statement nowadays.

I have never seen a country with more potential fall so far and so quickly as Pakistan has done in the span of just a few weeks. Stakeholders are behaving irresponsibly and unwittingly endangering 5GW national security by discrediting their institutions and the media. For these reasons, I sincerely hope that they reconsider their methods as soon as possible before they deal any further damage to Pakistan’s 5GW national security, and I say this as a very passionate friend and supporter of Pakistan. It hurts me to see this all happen.

I’m also Polish for those who don’t know so I can speak about Hitler from the perspective of my people. Around 1/5 of all Poles were exterminated during WWII, most due to the Nazis’ anti-Slavic genocide. Calling Imran Khan “fascist” and comparing him to Hitler is a personal insult to me.

Anytime I see a Pakistani talking head parroting the completely ridiculous claim that Imran Khan is a fascist or somehow comparable to Hitler, I know right away that they’re nothing but a puppet who shouldn’t ever be listened to again.

This Pole helped create the Pakistani Air Force so anytime anyone compares Imran Khan to Hitler and calls him a fascist, remember that they’re disrespecting this same man and his people who helped build your country’s armed forces from scratch.

Domestic discourse sometimes gets wild, I get it. But I’m not going to stay silent as these media puppets engage in the most disgusting form of historical revisionism that I’ve seen in a while! I won’t let them compare Imran Khan to the same man who killed 1/5 Poles!

Now this will make everyone’s jaw drop: how can Shahbaz Sharif and his media puppets call Imran Khan a fascist after IK called Modi a fascist during his 2019 UNGA speech? From a Pakistani perspective, why is Shahbaz Sharif reversing 2,5 year of Pakistan policy towards India!? And for what?!

So now it’s “fascist” to call Modi a fascist, is that what “purana Pakistan” stands for? Forgetting everything that IK did on the global stage to raise awareness about Kashmir? Are average Pakistanis actually okay with that!?

I’ve had enough, once these media puppets starting bringing fascists and Hitler into the mix, I had to jump in and sound off because they crossed a cultural red line for me as a Pole! Their FAKE historical revisionism needs to be called out!

And for the record, I’ve been to Pakistan 5 times since 2017, several of which were during Imran Khan’s time in office, and I NEVER experienced any of this so-called “Hitler fascism” that the FAKE media puppets are now ranting about! Never! It doesn’t exist, it’s FAKE NEWS! Don’t fall for it!

What I saw and experienced first hand, and I’m so thankful that I did, was a very PROUD and HOSPITABLE people who were STRIVING to always to DO BETTER and HELP THEIR COUNTRY! These Pakistanis weren’t “Hitler fascists”, they’re PATRIOTS! And I won’t let these media puppets smear them!

Every time these puppets talk about the “fascism” that they claim just ended with Imran Khan’s ouster, I think of all my Pakistani friends and get VERY ANGRY because I know for a fact that they aren’t racist-fascist Hitler-worshiping monsters like the Pakistani FAKE NEWS claims!

And to the opposition who might attack me for EXPOSING them, well, I love Pakistan so much that I literally dedicated my life to it by doing a PhD on its ties with Russia at MGIMO, the top Russian Federation university run by their MFA. Here’s my thesis.

All examples of fascism without exception include the dehumanization of one’s opponents. Think about that the next time someone calls Imran Khan and his supporters “fascists” then says in the next sentence that they’re all “bots”. That’s dehumanization, that’s fascism!


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