Russia, The Final Empire And Dugin’s Eurasian World Order – Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

Russia, The Final Empire And Dugin’s Eurasian World Order – Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

By News Desk

This lecture was delivered almost 10 years ago at the State University of Moscow in July 2013 at the invitation of Professor Alexander Dugin. We choose to bring it back to attention because of the urgent need of forging Muslim friendship and alliance with the Orthodox Christian world in order that we might jointly resist a common enemy.

One of the main points made in that lecture – indeed it was used to also conclude the lecture – is that “Russia’s moment in history has arrived”. Many years later, Russia stands firmly and fearlessly, with admirable support from China, and from the masses of Muslims around the world who despise American oppression, in resisting the greatest oppressor mankind has ever known. The Great War or Malhamah that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prophesied, and which is also present in Christian eschatology, is about to occur. The Prophet (PBUH) said that 99 out of every 100 who fight in this war will be killed – hence it will not be conventional warfare – rather it will witness the use of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons.

Indeed Russia’s moment in history has arrived, and Russia shows no fear of that coming nuclear war.

Islamic eschatology is spot on! But there is more to come. The Islamic eschatological view is that Orthodox Christian Russia will survive this Great War as well, as it has survived centuries of relentless bogus Ottoman Jihad, and so many others wars since then, to re-emerge in a post-nuclear world as a power capable of joining with Islam in liberating Constantinople.

Imran Nazar Hosein (born 1942) is a Trinidadian and Tobagonian Islamic scholar, author, and philosopher specializing in Islamic eschatology, world politics, economics, and modern socio-economic/political issues. He is the author of Jerusalem in the Qur’an and other books.

Born into an Indo-Trinidadian family in Trinidad and Tobago. He studied Islam under the guidance of the Islamic scholar, Muhammad Fazlur Rahman Ansari at the Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies, Karachi, Pakistan. He also did post-graduate studies in Philosophy at Karachi University, and International Relations at the University of West Indies, Trinidad, and the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin (born 7 January 1962) is a Russian political philosopher, analyst, and strategist. Considered by some in the West to be “Putin’s brain,” or “Putin’s philosopher”. Dugin calls for an illiberal Russian Empire to control the Eurasian continent from Dublin to Vladivostok to challenge America and “Atlanticism”. Dugin is the author of more than 30 books, among them Foundations of Geopolitics (1997), The Fourth Political Theory (2009) and The Great Awakening vs the Great Reset (2021).

Alexander Dugin’s The Great Awakening vs the Great Reset (2021) is an open declaration of war against the twin diseases of liberalism and Western political modernity. Dugin calls upon the inhabitants of the Heartland to relentlessly attack, on all theoretical and practical fronts, the global elites of the coastlands, who try to impose their perverse, anti-human ideals by ruthlessly eradicating the long-standing cultures and traditions of all peoples in the world.

The demented usurper Joe Biden and his slavish Democrat acolytes are opposed by the Trumpists, who represent normal America and do not want to see their country submerged in a one-world, transhumanist dystopia. Just like the other rooted societies, they want to preserve their time-honoured way of life amidst the strangling tentacles of hysterical trans- and homosexuals, treacherous anti-White agitators and murderous Black Lives Matter grifters and terrorists.

Thus the stage is set for a showdown of truly apocalyptic proportions, pitting the forces of righteous anger, those who want to preserve traditions and the true richness of human diversity, against the Antichrist and his Soros-backed minions of insidious degeneracy and evil, who want to erase all bonds and communities – down to the human race itself.


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