Germany’s Snowflake Foreign Minister Was Triggered By Erdogan’s Tehran Photo-op

Germany’s Snowflake Foreign Minister Was Triggered By Erdogan’s Tehran Photo-op

By Andrew Korybko

Her being such a big snowflake is actually more than just an amusing observation but is symptomatic of “The Great Bifurcation” in action. Those who surrender sovereignty know exactly what it is that they’ve voluntarily given up, which is why they get so triggered whenever they see their peers refusing to do the same.

Despite nearing the culmination of its century-long plot to capture control of Europe, Germany is still too easily offended to confidently exert itself as the Great Power that its leadership envisions itself as being. As a point in fact, Foreign Minister Baerborck was triggered by the picture that Turkish President Erdogan took alongside his Iranian and Russian counterparts last week while meeting with them in Tehran. According to her, it’s “more than incomprehensible” and “is a challenge, to put it mildly.”

What she and her fellow Western elite ilk are so upset about is that the President Erdogan is the self-confident leader of a genuinely sovereign Great Power, one which will never unilaterally concede on issues of objective national interests in order to please its so-called partners. Colloquially speaking, he’s an alpha male surrounded by a bunch of betas. Whereas he’s fiercely independent, they’re all submissive and vie with one another over who’ll do more for their US overlord without being asked.

It’s for this reason why America is once again waging information warfare against him and his country by misportraying them as troublemakers even though it’s the US that’s the one stirring trouble for Turkiye. In a sense, however, there’s a kernel of truth to what the US-led Western Mainstream Media (MSM) claims. It is indeed troublesome for the declining unipolar hegemon that NATO’s second largest conventional military doesn’t dutifully obey orders from Washington.

That, however, should never have realistically been taken for granted. President Erdogan’s evolution from the Mayor of Istanbul to the leader of multipolar Great Power at the tri-continental crossroads of Afro-Eurasia was a long time in the making. The CIA completely miscalculated in their leadership and psychological analyses of him over the decades, having mistakenly assumed that he’d be just another Global South sell-out when in reality he’s always been very articulate about his independent vision.

The failed pro-American coup against him in summer 2016 convinced President Erdogan that he’d charted the right path after his supposed allies backstabbed him simply for prioritizing the pursuit of his country’s objective national interests. Nothing was ever the same after that, and he’s since challenged the US-led West on a myriad of issues. The example set by him is hugely embarrassing for the US since he showed that this military bloc isn’t capable of controlling its members like many thought it was.

Rather, it can only exert hegemony over those leaders and their military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state) that lack political independence and a true sense of vision. Turkiye, by contrast, is supremely confident in its domestic and foreign policy choices, so much so that it rightly regards those abroad like the US and Germany who resist its continual quest for ever-increasing sovereignty to be antagonistic towards its national goals and thus potential adversaries.

Instead of curtailing the comprehensive implementation of his grand strategic vision, President Erdogan always without exception doubles down on it whenever he comes under foreign pressure. He knew very well that appearing next to Presidents Raisi and Putin would trigger the West, yet he did so anyhow partially just to spite them, but mostly in all seriousness in order to advance his country’s objective interests vis a vis those two leaders whose civilization-states are very important for Turkiye.

Germany’s snowflake Foreign Minister couldn’t accept the optics of three very sovereign and self-confident men meeting in the Islamic Republic, hence why she couldn’t control her rant against the Turkish leader. Baerbock for some reason believes that it’ll guilt President Erdogan into apologizing or something to that effect, but that’s nothing but another hyper-liberal fantasy that’ll never come to fruition. The Turkish leader is unapologetic and proudly defends Turkiye’s interests at every opportunity.

The global systemic transition has brought about “The Great Bifurcation” whereby multiple levels of International Relations have been split between the US-led Golden Billion and the BRICS-led Global South, the latter organization of which Turkiye soon plans to join. The bifurcation of relevance in this context concerns the division between those who ascribe to the unipolar liberal-globalist (ULG) worldview and those who support the multipolar conservative-sovereigntist one (MCS).

President Erdogan, like Hungarian President Orban, is a proud MCS despite being part of the Golden Billion by virtue of his country’s NATO membership. Its participation in that anti-Russian alliance, however, doesn’t make him nor his “deep state” ULGs though. It ordinarily should since the US usually exerts its declining hegemony over countries through this platform but was unable to do so successfully with Turkiye because of how unshakable popular support is for President Erdogan’s multipolar vision.

The same can be said about President Orban too, with the pattern being that those leaders who genuinely represent their people and have the support of their “deep states” are capable of resisting American hegemony despite formally being within its so-called “sphere of influence”. The emerging conclusion is that ULGs like Baerbock willingly cede their national sovereignty for ideological reasons but then resent those MCS like Presidents Erdogan and Orban who fiercely preserve and flex theirs.

Her being such a big snowflake is therefore actually more than just an amusing observation but is symptomatic of “The Great Bifurcation” in action. Those who surrender sovereignty know exactly what it is that they’ve voluntarily given up, which is why they get so triggered whenever they see their peers refusing to do the same. The example that President Erdogan sets angers them for that reason, but he revels in their hatred and sincerely seems to enjoys it as the alpha male that he is.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Voice of East.

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