Russia Is Fighting A ‘Holy War’ Against The Army Of ‘The Antichrist’: Chechen Forces Commander

Russia Is Fighting A ‘Holy War’ Against The Army Of ‘The Antichrist’: Chechen Forces Commander

By News Desk

Apti Alaudinov, an aide to Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov and commander of the Akhmat special operations unit in Ukraine, called upon Muslim-Christian unity in a conflict against the “satanic” West. He made his comments to Russia-1 host Olga Skabeyeva.

“Growing up, during all my youth, I’ve been preparing for this war we see today. This is the holy war our saints and elders spoke of,” he began. “Everything that we see today … When I was reading Islamic scriptures, and Christian scriptures, I studied the Bible, the Quran, and Torah … From all these scriptures, I know that we’re facing the war against the devil’s army, against the army of al-Dajjal, the Antichrist.”

“All forces and units fighting on the side of Russia is the army of Jesus, Isa Alaihis Salam. We are fighting against these forces that impose upon us everything that is unpleasant and disliked by God. Everything that is unnatural for a man,” he said, referring to homosexuality. “Underneath this democracy of America, the main enemy of mankind, and Europe, the minion of the NATO bloc, which carries within it everything that is Satanic.”

He also lambasted Islamic countries for not having the courage to “fight back” against the U.S. and NATO like Putin. The law should be changed to allow foreign fighters, he claimed, because numerous Arabs, Greeks, and Serbs are eager to fight on Russia’s side, “because they still have God in their hearts, they don’t want to live under LGBT flags.”

Russian law has sought to suppress public expressions of the LGBT community. A bill has been introduced to Russia’s lower House Duma that would prohibit the portrayal of “non-traditional sexual relationships” publicly, along with other “problematic” topics such as suicide and drug use, according to the Jerusalem Post.


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