Ukraine: The Just War And International Law – Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

Ukraine: The Just War And International Law

By News Desk

Today we share another important lecture by the well-known Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran N. Hosein. He is also an expert on geopolitics and international relations, and has been a guiding light especially on the topic of the current war in Ukraine.

Talking about the referenda being held in the Donetsk, Kherson, Lugansk, and Zaporozhye regions that were historically part of Russia, he said that the people of these regions will vote to join Russia and then Russia will announce their unification with the Russian Federation. He said it does not matter to Russia, whether the UN, the UK and other Western countries accept their unification with Russia or not.

Russia has announced that they will protect their territories by all means necessary. So now the world is on a road leading almost certainly to a nuclear war. Watch the complete video here to learn from Sheikh’s analysis on the upcoming Great War:


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