The Sun Is No Longer Rising From The West

The Sun Is No Longer Rising From The West

Sheikh Imran N. Hosein:

My methodology for the study of the Qur’an has guided me to exercise great care in attempting to understand the text. Thus when Allah Most High ordered: ‘Do not take Jews and Christians as your friends and allies!’, I was able to discern that the text then went on to identify the order to be applicable to those Jews and Christians ‘who were friends and allies of each other’ – and did not apply to all Jews and all Christians.

Similarly, when the text of the prophecy declared that ‘the door to forgiveness would be closed when the sun rises from the West’, I recognized that it did not apply to all of mankind. I could understand that it applied to a people who are centrally located in the end of history as a consequence of their rejection of Jesus as the Messiah, and of Muhammad (peace be upon them both) as the last Prophet of the One God, as well as their rejection of the Qur’an as the last divinely-revealed scripture, – in addition to their hatred, hostility and relentless attacks on the followers of the Messiah and the last Prophet.

The IMPLICATION of the door of forgiveness being closed for them is that the script of events with which history will culminate is now written. and will not change.


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