Gog Magog, Qatar And World Cup 2022 – Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

Sheikh Imran N. Hosein:

  • Level playing field should be provided to all the countries of the world in the monetary matters just like level playing field was provided to all countries during the World Cup in Qatar.
  • The ultimate truth about Gog and Magog lies in the Quran. It is mentioned in the Quran that when they will be released they will spread Fasaad (corruption, immorality) in the earth. So this will be an event that will occur only once in human history. A people will emerge whose trademark will be Fasaad (corruption);  corruption which will be destructive in nature.
  • Dhul Qarnain was able to contain Gog and Magog by building the barrier but he did not have the power to destroy them. Russia does not have the power to destroy Gog and Magog. It can contain them but cannot destroy them.
  • They have corrupted the language to hide their filth; they have taken the word ‘gay’ which has good meaning, and changed it to ‘homosexual’.
  • The West is pushing the LGBTQ agenda in Qatar. Only one country has stood up to their propaganda and banned in Russia and yet you are supporting The West against Russia? Have you no sense at all? Who is standing up for the truth in the world today? It is Pakistan or is it Russia?
  • Russia is standing up against LGBTQ and saying that this is a perversion of our traditional way of life, and we want to preserve the family.
  • We have honourable people living in the West too; people who can think and who are challenging that destructive system.
  • They have reduced Britain to an atheist state. Muslims should be making Hijrah (migration) out of the West.


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