Sheikh Imran N. Hosein: Who Will Be Responsible For A Nuclear War?

Sheikh Imran N. Hosein: Who Will Be Responsible For A Nuclear War?

By News Desk

Sheikh Imran N. Hosein: If a nuclear war takes place, who will be blamed for it? Many scholars and analysts around the world are also of the same view as I am, that a nuclear war now seems to be inevitable, and the catalyst for that nuclear war will be the incapacity of The West to be able to defeat Russia in Ukraine.

When it will become clear that Ukraine is crumbling, and no amount of shipment of weapons would change that, that the danger exists of escalation towards nuclear war, provoked by whoever it is. I am not the only one who is saying that, there are many others too. I want to address the subject of a post-nuclear-war world and the immense amount of devastation that will take place. Only a remnant of mankind will survive that war.

The President of Russia has famously declared (and when he speaks you better listen, he doesn’t play around with words) that, “we can destroy the whole of the United States of America in half an hour.

We expect therefore that the nuclear war will be a war to the finish, that each side will use the maximum amount of nuclear weapons that they can use, and hence it is not farfetched for us to conclude that there will be immense devastation around the world, particularly in Russia, China and the Western world, and wherever there are American bases, like the biggest one is in Kosovo.

Whoever survives the world after that nuclear war will ask, “who is to be blamed for this nuclear war?” Whoever is able to get the majority of mankind to agree upon who to blame for that war, that country or those people will be targeted by the rest of the mankind. According to Islamic Eschatology all of mankind will not perish after this Great War. This is the consequence of Islamic Eschatology that there is a growing recognition of the importance of what the Prophet PBUH said, despite so many years and so many centuries of propaganda and lies against him.

According to a hadith of the Prophet (PBUH), a Muslim Army will conquer Constantinople seven years after the Great War. I wonder why the Muslim scholars are not paying attention to this prophecy? Why are they not speaking about it? Their followers should question these Islamic scholars respectfully regarding this prophecy of the Prophet (PBUH), that after the Great War, within a few years, a Muslim Army will conquer Constantinople. He praised this army and praised its commander. He said:

“Verily you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wonderful leader will its leader be, and what a wonderful army will that army be!” [Ahmad; Hakim, al-Mustadrak]

He praised that army and praised their commander so we know there is life after the Great War. But the question is, in that post-nuclear-war world, when there will be no internet, who is going to be blamed for that Great War? When 9/11 happened, we asked who benefitted the most from it? That’s a good place to start in determining who was responsible for 9/11.

When the underground pipeline (Nord Stream) was blown up, bringing oil from Russia to Germany, a good place to start in determining who was responsible for blowing up that pipeline is: who benefitted the most from it? Every European should ask that question, because Europe is facing difficulties now, and this year will be even worse than the last year for Europe.

So when the Great War takes place, a good place for the mankind to start to determine who is responsible for that Great War is: who will benefit that most? I offer my eschatological view on this as we have a figure called the false Messiah in Islamic Eschatology, who is also present in Christian Eschatology. Our Prophet (PBUH) described him as Al Masih ud Dajjal. He is not simply Dajjal or the Impersonator. He is more than that. He is the false Messiah. So Dajjal is linked with the subject of Messiah.

If Dajjal, the Anti-Christ is to fulfil his mission of successfully impersonating the Messiah, then what is the mission of the Messiah? The divine promise of the Messiah was given to Israelite people only after the Israelite Kingdom, the Holy State of Israel collapsed after the death of the Prophet and King, Solomon (PBUH), when they were in a state of despair and weeping. So it is something which brings joy to their hearts, the divinely promised Messiah is coming who will bring back the golden age and holy Israel will be restored and once again will become the ruling state of the world.

The one religion accepted by Allah, the one true religion, is of course the religion of Prophet Abraham (PBUH), and the Quran orders Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to follow the religion of Abraham (PBUH). Only a school boy would say that Islam came 1400 years ago. So this religion which came with Prophet Abraham (PBUH) is the same religion that came with Prophet Moses (PBUH) and with Prophet Jesus (PBUH), it is the same religion which came with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and it is called the religion of submission to One God, rather than submission to the government; and that is Islam.

So Islam will rule the world from Jerusalem when the Messiah comes, not the followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will rule the world from Jerusalem. It is the Messiah, Jesus (PBUH), the son of Virgin Mary, it is the religion that he has brought and it is the same religion that we Muslims have. It is that religion which will rule the world from Jerusalem, in the Holy State of Israel. This is Islamic Eschatology. The followers of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will have a holy state in Mecca and it will be led by the Imam Al-Mahdi, and there will be fraternity and collaboration between the two: the holy state in Jerusalem and the holy state in Mecca, but it is the Messiah who will rule over the world from Jerusalem. So if the false Messiah is to impersonate the true Messiah,

(i) he has to liberate the holy land for the Israelite people; he has done that already

(ii) he has to bring the Israelite people back to the holy land to reclaim it as their as own two thousand years after Allah expelled them from there; he has done that already

(iii) he has to restore the state of Israel in the holy land and get the Israelite people (Jews) to believe that this is holy Israel; he has done that already

(iv) and finally he has to take that Israel and make it the ruling state in the world; that is still to come, and therefore he gave us Pax Britannica and then Pax Americana and then a Pax Judaica to complete his mission with Israel ruling the world.

If Israel is to rule the world, and I am not the only one saying that, then modern Western civilisation, and Russia and China, you have to get them to fight with each other, to mutually destroy each other. So when the nuclear war takes place, and then when mankind sees that what we are saying is going to happen, we see a state of Israel attempting to replace the United States of America as the next ruling state in the world. This is nothing new. I have talked about this in my book ‘Jerusalem in the Quran‘ written more than 20 years ago!

From the time the remnant of the world sees the evidence that the Pax Judaica is coming to replace Pax Americana, and Israel is poised to assume the position of the ruling state in the world, taking first of all control over money, with one central bank ruling with one currency that all of mankind will have and of course that will be in Israel, then it will not be difficult for mankind to come to the conclusion: they are the ones responsible for the Great War.

I don’t have to provide the evidence; who pulled the trigger, who did that. Who is benefitting from the Great War? So today the topic was about the great likelihood in a post-nuclear-world of mankind blaming the State of Israel and the Zionist movement around the world for the nuclear war. If the evidence of this never materialises then I am wrong, and I will accept it if I am still alive, but if the evidence does emerge and I am right then they will confirm the truth which came with the Quran and with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The above text is a transcription of the video below.


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