10 Takeaways From Kremlin Spokesman Peskov’s Latest Interview

10 Takeaways From Kremlin Spokesman Peskov’s Latest Interview

By Andrew Korybko

Seeing as how he represents President Putin and was speaking in an official capacity, it’s important to highlight the main points that he shared.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov gave an extended interview to Izvestia that was published on Tuesday. Seeing as how he represents President Putin and was speaking in an official capacity, it’s important to highlight the main points that he shared, which are as follows:


* Russia Won’t Return To The New START Under The Present Conditions

Russia’s suspension from the New START won’t be reversed unless the present conditions change, namely US-led NATO ending its proxy war on Russia through Ukraine as well as the bloc’s nuclear-armed British and French members joining this arms control pact too.

* NATO Is In A De Facto State Of War With Russia After Arming Kiev

The reason why Moscow demands that NATO’s nuclear-armed British and French members join the New START is because the bloc is in a de facto state of war with Russia as a result of its direct participation in the Ukrainian Conflict by arming Kiev, which Peskov said can no longer be denied.

* The West Refused To Negotiate With Russia Prior To Its Special Operation

Peskov reminded his interlocutor how Russia put forth security guarantee requests in the run-up to what would ultimately become its special operation in order to peacefully resolve its security dilemma with the West, but the latter refused to seriously negotiate and thus left Moscow no choice but to act.

* Macron Hasn’t Yet Called Putin Despite Publicly Saying That He Would

President Putin’s spokesman also clarified that French President Macron hasn’t yet called the Russian leader despite publicly saying on five or six occasions that he would, though Peskov preemptively ruled out the possibility of him mediating even if he already does since his country isn’t neutral in this conflict.

* The Emerging Multipolar World Order Will Be Slow & Painful

One of the most important points that Peskov made is that the Multipolar World Order will take a while to fully emerge and that the process will be painful due to America’s aggressive opposition to this trend, the following two observations of which should temper observers’ expectations.

* The West Eroded The UN’s Authority But It Still Retains A Central Role

Despite the West making a mockery out of the UN with their illegal sanctions that were promulgated outside of that global body’s Security Council, it nevertheless retains a central role in International Relations since it’s the only structure that can help balance and stabilize affairs across the world.

* De-Dollarization Is Irreversible But Will Also Take Time To Fully Unfold

Just like with the Multipolar World Order, its financial component of de-dollarization is also a work in progress that’ll take quite a while to fully unfold, but it’s irreversible since the US seizure of Russia’s foreign assets destroyed everyone’s faith in the dollar.

* China’s Worldview Very Closely Coincides With Russia’s

Even the most casual observer of International Relations knows that China’s worldview very closely coincides with Russia’s, which also explains why roughly half the points in its newly unveiled peace plan resemble Moscow’s.

* The Union State Between Russia & Belarus Isn’t A USSR 2.0

Peskov clarified that the Union State between his country and Belarus isn’t an attempt to revive the erstwhile Soviet Union, adding that there are modern-day forms of integration that mutually benefit each party without requiring either of them to cede their sovereignty.

* The West’s Economic Warfare Failed To Catalyse Russia’s Collapse

President Putin’s spokesman was immensely proud of the fact that his country failed to collapse under the weight of the West’s sanctions, which he said was the result of the government’s masterful reaction to them that led in average folks not even feeling anything for the most part.


As can be seen, Peskov is confident about everything one year since the start of his country’s special operation, which completely changed the world for the better with respect to accelerating multipolar processes even if it’ll still take some time for everything to fully play out.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Voice of East.

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