Ahmed Quraishi

Ahmed Quraishi is a journalist, author, and a television personality, with two decades of experience in the Pakistan/Gulf/MENA region. He worked as a war correspondent in Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan for international media organizations, and delivered lectures on the Yemen and Iraq conflicts at international forums, including the United Nations. He has interacted on the ground with the principals in the international coalition on Iraq between 1994-2003.

Quraishi has worked in public diplomacy projects, and contributed original work to the U.S. State Department’s post-9/11 outreach program for the Islamic World in 2002-2003; worked on communications strategies for the Musharraf Government in Pakistan 2004-2007, including the execution of an assignment in Jordan in 2005.

He is a linguist with a special focus on dialects in the MENA region; masters Arabic, Urdu, English, with familiarization of Farsi, Hebrew. He maintains a quick turnout capacity on situational insights on GCC/Gulf region, Palestine/Israel conflict, KSA politics, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

His experience includes designing and administering strategic hybrid-media crisis management training sessions at Pakistan Naval War College; and speaking opportunities at NDU Beijing, and at regional sessions organized by US Naval War College and the the US NSC.

As a war correspondent, he has written on the presence of foreign militants in training camps in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon; covered Iraq conflict 1991-2003, meeting and interviewing the principals in that conflict, including as an embedded journalist with US military in 2003 invasion of Iraq. He covered Afghanistan for Aljazeera post-9/11, and Israel-Hezbollah war 2006.

He tweets @_AhmedQuraishi

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