Straight From The Heart – February 2014 – Editorial

Straight from the heart!
Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Dear readers
Assalam o Alaikum.

While Pakistanis all over the world marked Kashmir Solidarity Day this month, Pakistan also faced the rising genie of Terrorism and Khawarij. This genie is getting bigger and bigger since it came out of the bottle and there is no sign that the State of Pakistan is in a hurry to get a strangle hold on it. On the contrary, the nation is in a state of shock to see the government of Pakistan making the criminals and terrorists stakeholders in deciding the fate of the country. ‘Peace Talks’ are being done with the Khawarij who do not have ANY relation with Peace whatsoever, and whose history is replete with blood-spattered barbarianism which they carried out in the name of religion. Even more disturbing is the fact that people who had questioned the state’s authority in the past and had tried to create a state within a state, are now in the limelight again for negotiations with the so-called Taliban of Pakistan (Pakistani Taliban have nothing in common with the Afghan Taliban). The culprits responsible for the debacle of Lal Masjid should have been behind bars. Instead we see them as a legitimate party negotiating with the Pakistani state on behalf of the Terrorists!

It is shameful how our mainstream media and prominent anchors are giving airtime to criminals like Mullah Abdul Aziz! We are indoctrinating our public with the belief that it is okay to be a terrorist and criminal because you can always go free in the end; not only that, but instigators to violence are also stake holders in any important decision of the state and that their opinions are worthy enough to be shared! I am short of words to express my disgust at our government’s utter disregard to religious, social and basic human laws. No country in the world negotiates with Terrorists from a position of weakness. This happens only in Pakistan! Sadly Pakistan has set another precedent through these so-called ‘Peace Talks’ but for all the wrong reasons.

May Allah guide our leadership and give them the courage to make the right decisions. And if they want to remain impotent stooges, then may Allah remove them swiftly!

عمل سے زندگی بنتی ہے جنت بھی، جہنم بھی

یہ خاکی اپنی فطرت میں نہ نوری ہے نہ ناری ہے

Stay blessed.

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi
February 2014