AFSPA, A License To Kill For Indian Armed Forces In Kashmir, Says Wani

By Our Special Correspondent

GENEVA, Switzerland—India has failed to respond to international calls for repealing Armed Forces Special Powers Act and the arrogant attitude of the India is responsible for the violence and sexual assaults against women in India’s northeast and in Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

This was stated by Mr. Altaf Hussain Wani while taking part in debate on the report of Special Rapporteur on violence against women organized by Forum Asia on the sideline of the 26th session of United Nations Human Rights Council currently underway in Geneva.

India on one hand did not implement the recommendations of its own commissions and on the other hand has blatantly told International community it does not need any external advice.

Wani said three Special Rapporteurs of the United Nations, namely on Extra Judicial Killings, on Human Rights Defenders, and on Violence Against Women, asked India to repeal Armed Forces special Powers Act. Due to continued impunity of armed forces, now the civilian administration is also encouraged to act in a similar manner. He said this is what we have seen in Indian-occupied Kashmir, as in the case of the Health minister and other top officials accused of molestation and sexual harassment of women are free to walk away with impunity like the military personnel responsible for gang-rape and molestation of over 9,000 thousand women Indian occupied Kashmir.

[The YFK is a grassroots lobbying group led by young Kashmiris and Pakistanis working to ensure justice to Kashmiris living under Indian military occupation.]

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