UN Should Ask India To Withdraw Army From Kashmir As First Gesture

UN Should Ask India To Withdraw Army From Kashmir As First Gesture, Nayeem Khan Tells UN

By our special correspondent

A senior Kashmiri resistance leader addressed United Nations side event in Geneva on Friday, telling diplomats and activists that he came with a message “on behalf of 13 million Kashmiris occupied by 700,000 Indian soldiers.”

Naeem Ahmed Khan - Geneva - 12-06-14


Nayeem Ahmed Khan, chairman of Jammu Kashmir National Front (JKNF), took the center stage during a panel discussion, joining the delegates via Skype from Srinaga, Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Another Kashmiri intellectual, Abdul Majeed Zargar, a retired professor at Srinagar University, addressed the audience from Srinagar via Skype.

The two Kashmiri leaders were addressing an event on the sidelines of the 26th session of UN Human Rights Council. He joined a panel discussion via Skype from Srinagar.

“I appeal to the international community to compel the Indian Government to change its attitude towards Kashmir and withdraw its army from Kashmir as a first gesture,” Khan told the UN event.

He said Kashmiris used peaceful protest since 2008 to convey their demands and yet New Delhi responded with brutality.

From 2008 there has been a momentous shift from armed to peaceful struggle against the Indian -occupation and people took to streets in huge numbers to demand right to self-determination. But, it made no difference to the Indian state. It used the same brutal methods to crush the civilian uprising killing 67 in 2008 in one go and 117 school boys and girls in the summer uprising of 2010 and crippling at least five thousand persons as a warning to the dissenting public,” he said.

The event was moderated by APHC representative Syed Faiz Hussain Naqshbandi. Other speakers included Daniela Donges, representative of the Geneva International Center for Justice, and Sardar Amjad Yousaf Khan, Executive Director of Kashmir Institute of International Relations.

Sardar Amjad said India cannot resist the tide of history and the global march toward more freedoms and the New Delhi will have to submit to the demands of justice and fair-play, respect its own international obligations, and grant freedom to Kashmiris who have been demanding it for nearly seven decades.

Donges gave an interesting presentation that contrasted Indian occupation tactics in Kashmir to Israeli occupation tactics in Palestine.

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