‘Pakistan Sudan People’s Friendship Association’ Inaugurated

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ISLAMABAD: Sudan’s Charge d Affaires H.E. Mr. Ahmad Abdelrehman Mohamad, Chairman PML(N) Senator Raja Zafar Ul Haq and Chairman MUSLIM Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali inaugurated “Pakistan Sudan People’s Friendship Association”.   This step takes placed by Embassy of Sudan and MUSLIM Institute, a research based think tank. PSPFA will engage people of Pakistan and Sudan to promote research, education, agriculture, health, business, trade and commerce, culture, tradition and tourism, youth cooperation and peace and harmony. Ambassadors and delegations of different countries including Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Algeria, South Africa and large number of people from academia, politicians, social activists, researchers and businessmen participated in the ceremony.

Raja Zafar ul Haq

Leader of the house in Senate of Pakistan Senator Raja Zafar ul Haq, Chairman MUSLIM Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali and Sudan’s Charge d Affaires H.E. Mr. Ahmad Abdelrehman Mohamad, and Under Secretary of Sudan foreign office H.E Abdul Ghani shared their views on the occasion. They said “The purpose of this Friendship Association is to bring the people of two countries closer. Pakistan – Sudan relations are close, brotherly and cordial. The relations are deep rooted due to history, religion, culture and shared perceptions on major regional and global affairs.” The speakers said that the association aims to strengthen people to people contact between two countries. There is a need of cooperation between people having same world view but living in different regions in order to share the ideas, experiences, expertise as well as resources in order to progress in the global village. “In the current turmoil and chaos across different regions of Muslim world”, the speakers further stated, “we need to realize that our stability and prosperity lies in dealing with the contemporary challenges through research and dialogue; peace, stability, prosperity, science and technology and socio-economic justice are the streamline necessities in this modern world”. While discussing about historical relations between two countries, they described that Pakistan and Sudan have built good relations in the field of education as Sudanese students continue to seek admission in Pakistani colleges and Universities. The contacts between the businessmen of the two countries are on rise and would certainly boost bilateral trade. Around 2000 Pakistanis are residing in Sudan and doing small-scale business but there is a lot of potential to work together in the field of mutual interest. They said that there are a lot of opportunities that need to be explored. Specifically we need to work in the areas like education, research and analysis, trade and industry, agriculture and others. Similarly the networking between different organizations and institutions of two countries can play an effective role to realize these ideas.

Chairman MUSLIM Institute

The delegation from Sudan said that they found people of Pakistan very friendly and there are many opportunities of collaboration and to work together with Pakistani people in different areas of life. The participants in the ceremony belonging to different walks of life were also optimistic about Pak-Sudan relations and praised the formation of association.

Press Release
Dated: 20th May 2016