The Islamic Political Thought and West’s Misconceptions

By Dr. Maqsood Jafri

I have been asked by a British scholar Mr. Anderson about the political system of Islam. He opined that Islam has given no clear ordination on this matter. It is absolutely a wrong concept. For the benefit of Muslims and non- Muslims, very briefly I would like to comment on this matter.

In my book titled “The Message of Islam” published in America, I have thrown ample light on this subject in a chapter captioned ‘The Islamic Political Thought’. Actually, the Western political thinkers have been misguided to see Plutocracy, Aristocracy, Monarchy and Theocracy in the Muslim states for the last fourteen centuries.

The regimes of the tribal chieftains, capitalists, monarchs and dictators have blackened the bright vista and visage of the real Islamic polity. W. R. Inge, a dogmatic Christian in his book titled “Outspoken Essays” admits that Islam preached universalism and humanism and negated racialism and nationalism.

It must be clear that in Chapter Shoora in the holy Quran even the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had been asked to counsel with the companions in day to day matters. The concept of “Ijma” in Islamic jurisprudence means the consensus of the opinion of those who are endowed with knowledge.

Islamic democracy differs in sense and spirit from the Western capitalist democracy and the Communist Totalitarianism. It is based on social justice, freedom of vote, education and piety. In the constitution of Pakistan articles 62 and 63 bind the candidates to be the men of piety who refrain from corruption. In my opinion the candidates must be educated. At least he should be a graduate. The voters should also be educated. At least he should be a matriculate.

I appeal to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to Issue the order on this matter. In America and Europe the basic education is free and compulsory. Hence every candidate and voter has basic education but in the Asian and African countries we don’t have basic education as a prerequisite.

The objection of the Western political thinkers that Islam gives no political system is not based on facts. We must obliterate monarchic, autocratic, plutocratic , aristocratic and dictatorial regimes and implement Islamic political system to provide justice and freedom to everybody. Only prayers, so-called Sufism and sectarianism can not serve the Quranic mission.

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