Imran Khan’s Economic Negotiations With Russia Aren’t Pro-Russia Or Anti-US, But Pro-Pakistan

Imran Khan’s Economic Negotiations With Russia Aren’t Pro-Russia Or Anti-US, But Pro-Pakistan

Andrew Korybko is an American political analyst who specialises in the relationship between the US strategy in Afro-Eurasia, China’s One Belt One Road global vision and Hybrid Warfare. In a recent exchange on Twitter he recommended some points for Imran Khan and his team that they should consider incorporating into any US-directed message. The reccomendations are being shared here in the hope that they will reach Imran Khan.

  1. Pakistan loyally supported the U.S. in Afghanistan and helped evacuate Westerners during and after the Taliban’s takeover.
  2. Pakistan has exciting trade and investment potential, which Trump wanted to tap into before COVID (from their July 2019 summit).

“I think it could go — I mean, literally, it sounds crazy — you could go 10 times more.  You could go 20 times more.” President Trump

  1. World-class Chinese-constructed infrastructure can be used by U.S. businesses to reduce market entry costs.
  2. Imran Khan’s administration’s National Security Policy, the first ever in Pakistan’s history, emphasizes geo-economics, neutrality, and staying away from geopolitical problems, which is pragmatic and should therefore be attractive.
  3. February 2021’s agreement to build a Pakistan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan (PAKAFUZ) railway can enable Pakistani-based US businesses to project economic influence in Afghanistan and Central Asia, which is a friendly/gentle/non-hostile way of advancing U.S. interests.
  4. Direct democracy, not representative democracy through parliamentarians, is the best way to choose national leaders and that’s why there must be immediate, free, and fair elections, which is something that average Americans can appreciate.
  5. Reconciliation is integral to Islam, which is why Imran Khan would consider forgiving the U.S. and improving relations, but only if America atones for what it did by treating Pakistan with the respect that it deserves as an equal partner and not meddling in its affairs anymore.
  6. Millions of Americans protested in summer 2020 for social justice just like millions of Pakistanis are protesting for political justice (albeit much more peacefully and without rioting).
  7. No self-respecting people anywhere in the world would tolerate a government being imposed on them through a judicial coup, which brought to power many individuals with pending investigations and who are currently out on bail.
  8. Imran Khan’s negotiations with Russian Federation to purchase food and fuel at a 30% discount aren’t pro-Russia or anti-US, but pro-Pakistan, since it’s his responsibility to improve his people’s living standards and any self-respecting patriotic leader (especially of a developing country) would do the same.
  9. Partners won’t always agree but true time-tested relationships can weather periods of intense disagreement over sensitive issues without being spoiled just because one side didn’t get what they want, and it’s in both sides’ interests to reconcile.
  10. Hating America/ns just because of their identity is bigotry and that is prohibited by Islam, but expressing frustration at injustice is permissible (even encouraged) and acceptable in any democracy, so Imran Khan/Pakistan isn’t anti-American but anti-injustice though pro-reconciliation.

These are just the narratives that need to be presented clearly to the U.S. and to Americans.

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  1. Thanks for putting the peaceful initiatives of Imran Khan to the world

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