It Is Not For The White House To Question CSTO’s Peacekeeping Mission In Kazakhstan

It Is Not For The White House To Question CSTO’s Peacekeeping Mission In Kazakhstan

By Andrew Korybko

The more that people realize the reality of what’s happening in Kazakhstan, the more that they’ll realize that Russia’s pro-democracy anti-terrorist peacekeeping mission there is much more peaceful, democratic, and stabilizing than the US’ own ‘peacekeeping missions’.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to a question on Thursday (6th January 2022) about Kazakhstan. Here’s a transcript of that exchange from the official White House website:

“Q:  And then, on the situation in Kazakhstan, does what is happening there in any way change the dynamic for the U.S.-Russia talks that are going to begin next week, from the U.S. side? And is there any thought that Putin might be less likely to invade Ukraine while this crisis is playing out in Kazakhstan?

MS. PSAKI: Well, let me touch on a couple of things. First, to provide all of you an update — and you may have seen this — but today, Secretary Blinken shared a productive call with Kazakhstan foreign minister — with the Kazakhstan foreign minister, where he reaffirmed the United States full support for Kazakhstan’s constitutional institutions, human rights, media freedom, including through the restoration of Internet service, and advocated for a peaceful, rights- respecting resolution to the crisis.

There have been, kind of, a range of reports about peacekeeping forces, which I think you might be referencing, but — from Russia. We are closely monitoring reports that the Collective Security Treaty Organization have dispatched its collective peacekeeping forces to Kazakhstan. We have questions about the nature of this request and whether it has — it was a legitimate invitation or not. We don’t know at this point.

The world will, of course, be watching for any violation of human rights and actions that may lay the predicate for the seizure of Kazakh institutions, and we call on the CSTO collective peacekeeping forces and law enforcement to uphold international human rights obligations in order to support a peaceful resolution.”

It’s not her place or anyone else’s actually to question the legitimacy of the CSTO’s Kazakhstani peacekeeping mission.

The Russian-led bloc is carrying out a limited intervention at the request of that country’s internationally recognized leader, President Tokayev, whom the American government also recognizes. There are also no credible concerns that the CSTO is violating human rights though it was predictable that the US-led West would fearmonger about that scenario in a desperate attempt to discredit this operation. Washington doesn’t like that Moscow is supporting genuine democracy in Kazakhstan since this contradicts everything that the US government ever said about its Russian counterpart.

To elaborate, the CSTO’s Kazakhstani mission is predicated on “regime reinforcement”, which is the opposite of the US’ regime change policy. It deserves mentioning that America’s anti-Russian “deep state” faction might have played a role in catalysing the Hybrid War of Terror on Kazakhstan in a last-ditch gamble to sabotage the upcoming negotiations on de-escalating the undeclared US-provoked missile crisis in Europe. Even if the Biden Administration didn’t approve of this operation, it’ll still want to exploit Russia’s response as part of its ongoing information warfare campaign against that country.

The CSTO was invited into Kazakhstan and didn’t invade it like NATO did Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Serbian Autonomous Province of Kosovo & Metohija where the American-led alliance carried out its own “peacekeeping missions” and still does in the last-mentioned. It importantly wasn’t preceded by a “shock and awe” campaign either nor did the CSTO overthrow Kazakhstan’s government and replace it with a puppet regime before intervening. The contrast between the Russian-led mission in Kazakhstan and the American-led ones in the earlier mentioned places powerfully erodes the US’ soft power.

Kazakhstan’s national model of democracy is under threat from regime change terrorists that are waging Hybrid Warfare against this geostrategically located Central Asian nation. Its people are literally living in fear of the terrorists that took over their country’s largest city in the span of just several hours, which made Kazakhstan’s January 5th way worse than the US’ January 6th. Attacking members of the security services (let alone beheading them), seizing and burning government buildings, and even taking over an airport are indisputable acts of terrorism, not “peaceful pro-democracy protests”.

Russia is therefore literally saving Kazakhstan’s democracy, freeing its people from the reign of terror that they’ve suddenly been forced to suffer under, and thus stabilizing the region. This objective observation discredits the US’ fake news narrative that Russia is an “anti-democratic regional destabilizer”, which is why Psaki so desperately attempted to malign its peacekeeping mission in Kazakhstan. She can’t let Russia get away with looking good lest the global masses begin questioning the basis of her country’s information warfare campaign against it.

The more that people realize the reality of what’s happening in Kazakhstan, the more that they’ll realize that Russia’s pro-democracy anti-terrorist peacekeeping mission there is much more peaceful, democratic, and stabilizing than the US’ own “peacekeeping missions”. It’s the latter whose legitimacy should be questioned and serious concerns raised about its soldiers’ widespread violation of the most basic human rights. The US has a track record of death, destruction, and despair whenever it intervenes to overthrow other governments while Russia’s Kazakhstani operation is legal, peaceful, and stabilizing.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Voice of East.

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