The #BanAndrewKorybko Hashtag Shows The Desperation Of Pakistan’s Post-Modern Coup Plotters

The #BanAndrewKorybko Hashtag Shows The Desperation Of Pakistan’s Post-Modern Coup Plotters

By Andrew Korybko

Pakistan faces very serious Hybrid Warfare/Fifth Generational Warfare threats, including from within the South Asian region, so it’s a dereliction of duty that its so-called “cyber warriors” have been pulled away from dealing with pressing plots like terrorist-related ones online simply to help Shehbaz Sharif censor me from Twitter so that I stop hurting his very fragile feelings every time he logs on.

I’m a Moscow-based American political analyst finishing up my PhD on Russian-Pakistani relations at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO, run by the Russian Foreign Ministry), and I feel very passionately about the post-modern coup that was carried out against former Prime Minister Imran Khan in early April as punishment for his independent foreign policy. Everyone can read my PhD thesis in English here by clicking “диссертация”. They can also read my detailed explanation of the post-modern coup here, which former Prime Minister Khan shared in one of his Instagram stories that I screenshot and tweeted about here.

In my spare time, I enjoy telling the imported “Crime Minister” Shehbaz Sharif, who conspired with the US to overthrow his predecessor, exactly what I think about him. My latest tweet was over the weekend here where I reminded him that he’s a crook out on bail who isn’t in jail only because he helped lead the regime change against former Prime Minister Khan. It generated almost 50% of the same number of likes as his post that I responded to, which shows how much it resonated with the Pakistani people who I respect so much and firmly believe will ultimately reverse the unpopular post-modern coup that was imposed upon them from abroad through the complicity of local crooks.

In hindsight, the unprecedented popularity of my tweet must have attracted his attention since it was only several days later that a new hashtag was being pushed by members of the media considered to be puppets of the post-modern coup authorities. #BanAndrewKorybko is now going viral, helped to a large part by myself personally in accordance with my model of trolling back my trolls in order to get them to algorithmically amplify the same content that their trolling initially sought to suppress. I explained how it works in a piece from last week that can be read by interested folks here. Unrelated trolls already boosted my total impressions this month by 36.4% despite my account being shadowblocked.

I’m therefore actively encouraging everyone to use this hashtag in order to raise maximum awareness about my tweet that got under Shehbaz Sharif’s skin, made me live rent-free in his head when he should be worrying about fixing his country’s economy that he’s responsible for crashing, and got him to order side’s media puppets to wage an information warfare campaign against me aimed at censoring my account from Twitter. It’ll undoubtedly fail since I very strictly adhere to that platform’s terms of service, which is why the irony is that the post-modern coup authorities have practically ordered their proxies to inadvertently amplify the same content that triggered them in the first place.

There are larger trends at play than just the fascist desire to censor all criticism of the post-modern coup authorities. First, those same conspirators are very self-conscious of all they’ve done to crash their country’s economy, which is why it offends them so much whenever a foreigner like myself draws attention to it. Building upon that, few abroad have dared to criticize them since the US-led Western Mainstream Media (MSM) supports their feverish quest to destroy Pakistan in order to geostrategically neutralize what could have otherwise become the global pivot state whose game-changing potential I explained in detail here around the time of the post-modern coup.

The third point is that Pakistan was sabotaged by domestic conspirators precisely at the moment when the global systemic transition to multipolarity accelerated as a result of the Ukrainian Crisis, which enabled neighbouring India and Iran to take the lead in imprinting their vision onto these regional processes. Fourth, these observations confirm that the “official narrative” behind the regime change related to its participants’ alleged desire to solely improve the economy (that they later were responsible for crashing) and not influence their country’s foreign policy was false. And fifth, it’s this growing realization of the treasonous consequences of their post-modern coup that angers the plotters.

There’s nothing that they can credibly say in their defence since the facts speak for themselves and literally millions of Pakistanis are waking up to the nightmare that’s been imposed upon them against their will from abroad. With their backs against the wall after their narrative collapsed just as quickly as the economy did under their leadership, these same post-modern coup plotters felt that they had no recourse left other than to proverbially shoot the foreign messenger, me. They lack the shame that should have otherwise inspired them to resign by now, especially after PTI’s landslide victory in the latest Punjab by-elections, hence why they’re now frantically searching for an external enemy.

I’m based in Moscow so they might be thinking that they can cook up their own so-called “Russiagate” conspiracy theory by attempting to mislead some people into thinking that my views aren’t my own but are directly ordered by President Putin or whatever. After all, I’ve been targeted by the MSM before with similar conspiratorial accusations so the post-modern coup authorities might have been advised by their American overlords to take a page from that playbook in a desperate attempt to distract from their own failings. By drawing attention to my critical tweets against Shehbaz Sharif and agitating in vain for Twitter to ban me, they might be trying to imply that I’m “meddling” in their affairs.

The objective reality is altogether different since everyone has the right to peacefully express their opinion on social media whoever they may be and about whatever it is that they want to talk about so long as they comply with the terms of service. The freedom of speech within certain bounds (e.g. no promotion of violence, sex crimes, etc.) is a hallmark of any democracy, yet these same self-professed “democrats” who insist that they saved Pakistan from “fascism” by deposing their former Prime Minister through foreign-advised “lawfare” can’t tolerate a foreigner expressing a dissenting opinion that goes against their artificially manufactured “official narrative” about events.

That explains why they’ve orchestrated their anti-democratic censorship campaign against me that’s doomed to fail but which nevertheless exposes just how fascist they truly are. For instance, a quick glance at the hashtag reveals that most people are tweeting almost identical messages, which suggests what Twitter officially considers to be “platform manipulation”, or a major violation of their terms of service. Should that be the case, then this means that the post-modern coup authorities are hypocritically violating Twitter’s own rules in a desperate attempt to get them to deplatform someone who hasn’t violated any. Only a desperate regime that’s in big trouble at home would resort to this.

It probably isn’t the first time they did either, but they were just caught by how sloppily their latest campaign has been waged. Those Pakistani institutions that claim to be independent should therefore investigate the incumbent authorities’ alleged manipulation of Twitter to censor a foreign dissident voice. The country faces very serious Hybrid Warfare/Fifth Generational Warfare threats, including from within the South Asian region, so it’s a dereliction of duty that its so-called “cyber warriors” have been pulled away from dealing with pressing plots like terrorist-related ones online simply to help Shehbaz Sharif censor me from Twitter so that I stop hurting his very fragile feelings every time he logs on.

It’s already treasonous enough to depose a popular democratically elected leader through “lawfare” in collusion with a foreign power and then subsequently crash the economy in order to place Pakistan in a position where the public pretext can be created for possibly agreeing to US bases in exchange for IMF aid and another entirely to take seasoned security professionals away from their pressing duty in protecting their people from terrorist threats in order to try to censor a foreigner. Shehbaz Sharif’s ego evidently trumps Pakistan’s objective national interests in this case, and it’s disappointing that stakeholders went along with his little pet project instead of pushing back against it.

The “Crime Minister’s” attempt to censor me has dramatically failed and actually proven to have been counterproductive after it prompted me to further expose his treason in detail and bring it to the wider attention of his people. Sharing one’s opinion on social media isn’t “meddling” like his puppets claim, many of whom copy and paste the same accusation per the alleged “platform manipulation” they were ordered to commit. By that false standard, every single Pakistani who’s publicly criticized India or Western Islamophobes is “meddling” in those countries. Upon thinking about it, the post-modern coup government might actually have an interest in imposing that standard onto the population too.

To explain, they’ve unilaterally conceded on a range of their country’s objective national interests since being placed into power by the US-orchestrated regime change that they helped carry out in order to evade legal punishment for their prior crimes. It therefore naturally follows that their overlords would prefer for them to also sabotage their country’s proud activist traditions exactly as they sabotaged its economy. To that end, falsely claiming that the proud flexing of my freedom of speech on social media is supposedly “meddling” could be intended to pave the way for claiming that anyone anywhere who shares their views about anything abroad is also “meddling”, especially if they’re Pakistani.

Shehbaz Sharif and his handlers, both at home and across the Atlantic, feel uncomfortable that their people are so opinionated about India and Islamophobia. His brother was considered suspiciously close to Pakistan’s top rival so it makes sense that he doesn’t want his people criticizing it. Regarding Islamophobia, Western countries contribute significantly to the IMF so Shehbaz Sharif might be afraid of offending those Islamophobes among them if Pakistanis continue to condemn their blasphemous depictions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) the next time that there’s another anti-Muslim provocation.

Much better, he probably reckons, to gaslight them into considering the peaceful expression of their opinion on social media about India and Islamophobia to be “meddling” upon manipulating perceptions about criticisms of him by me than to risk a so-called “international incident” sometime in the future. Put another way, the information warfare campaign that he’s ordered his puppets to carry out against me for the immediate purpose of protecting his feelings every time he logs onto Twitter also carries with it the dual purposes of artificially manufacturing a so-called “Russiagate” conspiracy theory as well as pressuring his people to self-censor their public criticisms of India and Islamophobia.

Despite it being amusing to me on a personal level that I’ve triggered this thin-skinned “small man in a big office”, the whole thing is actually a tragedy for the Pakistani people. Shehbaz Sharif should be focusing on improving the economy, helping victims of floods, and prioritizing domestic security (including in cyberspace) instead of ordering media puppets to commence a doomed-to-fail hashtag campaign meant to censor me, treasonously diverting seasoned security professions from exposing terrorist plots online, and exploiting false optics about my opinion to pressure his people to self-censor their future criticisms of India and Islamophobia on the groundless basis that it’s “meddling”.

That’s why I proudly embrace the #BanAndrewKorybko hashtag since it says all that anyone needs to know about what’s wrong with Pakistan today. Its post-modern coup authorities care more about distracting their people with a censorship campaign that’s also been commenced for ulterior motives than dealing with pressing concerns like the economy, natural disasters, and stopping terrorist plots. None of this is incidental but is part and parcel of the US-orchestrated regime change against former Prime Minister Khan intended to knock Pakistan out of the geostrategic game forever at the most pivotal moment of International Relations in a century. Shehbaz Sharif should be ashamed of himself.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Voice of East.

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