The EU’s Explanation For Rejecting Russia’s Anti-Nazi UN Resolution Isn’t Credible

The EU’s Explanation For Rejecting Russia’s Anti-Nazi UN Resolution Isn’t Credible

By Andrew Korybko

The whole thing is an insult to any knowledgeable person’s intelligence and thus shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Observers shouldn’t have been surprised that the EU rejected Russia’s recent anti-Nazi resolution at the UN after foreign policy chief Josep Borrell blew a racist dog whistle last month by implying that the African “jungle” is “invading” the European “garden”. It also goes without saying that the bloc’s comprehensive support of Kiev’s Neo-Nazi junta made it politically impossible for these countries to support the Kremlin’s proposal. Instead of simply admitting this, the EU shared a ridiculous explanation.

According to its representative, “the end of the Second World War did not bring freedom, but further occupation and more repression and in some cases even crimes against humanity by other totalitarian regimes.” This is a wink towards the new “politically correct” manipulation of history equating Nazi Germany with the Soviet Union, which is false and offensive. For all its faults, the latter never genocided millions of people, nor was it responsible for plunging the world into its deadliest conflict ever.

To the contrary, the Soviet Union was responsible for ending World War II after capturing Berlin, which in turn influenced Hitler to commit suicide in order to avoid facing justice for his countless crimes. Nevertheless, the EU falsely claimed that “Today, under the false pretence of fighting Nazism, Russia has brought the horrors of war back to Europe, along with the reminder that peace cannot be taken for granted.” Objectively speaking, the Ukrainian Conflict can’t be compared to World War II in any way.

The Western-facilitated rise of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine, which long predated the urban spree of terrorism known as “EuroMaidan” that culminated in the 2014 coup, was indeed a partial reason behind Russia’s decision to commence a special operation in that crumbling former Soviet Republic. Deliberately omitted from the EU’s statement, however, is the fact that the primary driver was actually the regional security dilemma that US-led NATO provoked with Russia via its clandestine expansion into Ukraine.

The most cynical part of the EU’s response was its anti-Semitic exploitation of the Holocaust in a desperate attempt to score cheap political points against Russia. The bloc claimed that Moscow’s partial denazification motive for its ongoing special operation in Ukraine “erodes our understanding of the Holocaust (and) disrespects its legacy.” Manipulating the memory of the Holocaust for self-serving reasons is indisputably anti-Semitic and aimed at falsely comparing Russia to Nazi Germany.

Moving along, the bloc continued obsessing over Russia’s partial denazification motive for its special operation in order to claim that Moscow was exploiting this pretext while ignoring the fact that Brussels itself has actively supported the rise of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine over the years. This insight amounts to a form of gaslighting that applies the disinformation tactic of DARVO, or “Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender.” The EU denied its responsibility, attacked Russia, then flipped their roles.

The rest of the response was chock-full of objectively existing and easily verifiable lies claiming that the EU is against all forms of bigotry and radical ideologies. Borrell’s earlier cited statement contradicts this false portrayal of its policies as does some of its member states’ government-backed glorification of Nazism such as the related parades of fascist veterans in the Baltic states. The bloc’s comprehensive support of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine is also brushed under the rug for reasons of “political convenience”.

To sum it all up, the EU’s explanation for rejecting Russia’s anti-Nazi resolution at the UN isn’t credible since all that its representative did was rewrite history in a self-serving and factually false way. It obsesses over Moscow’s partial denazification motive for its special operation in Ukraine in order advance its DARVO disinformation tactic aimed at equating President Putin to Hitler. The whole thing is an insult to any knowledgeable person’s intelligence and thus shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Voice of East.

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