India Is An Irresponsible Member Of UN Human Rights Council

India’s Permanent Mission To UN In Geneva Faces Harsh Criticism At Human Rights Council For Ignoring 364 Cases of Disappeared Persons And For Violence Against Kashmiri Students In Indian Schools

By Our Special Correspondent

GENEVA, Switzerland—In the harshest criticism India faces in the United Nations Human Rights Council, veteran Kashmiri leader Mrs. Shamim Shawl told the Council president and members that India is an “irresponsible” member of the international community for ignoring repeated UN requests to probe 364 cases of disappeared Kashmiris over a period of sixteen years. Shawl’s strong criticism was part of a statement she read to the Council’s 27th session in Geneva.

Mrs. Shamim Shawl From APHC Addresses The Member Countries of UN Human Rights Council In Geneva

Mrs. Shamim Shawl From APHC Addresses The Member Countries of UN Human Rights Council In Geneva

The UN Working Group on Disappeared Persons “has sent 364 cases to the Government of India during last sixteen years and India has not investigated even a single case,” Shawl, who belongs to Indian-occupied Kashmir, told the Council diplomats.

“We are dismayed to know that the government of India has not yet accepted the request of the Working Group for country visit. How can a member of Human Rights Council be so irresponsible?” she asked, in the harshest criticism India faces during the current session of UNHRC.

Kashmiri activists continued their strong campaign against Indian occupation in Jammu & Kashmir at UN Human Rights Council, which is the highest international forum for human rights.

Senior APHC leader Syed Faiz Naqshbandi presided over an event parallel to UNHRC session organized by International Rights Defenders, titled ‘Education In Conflict Zone’. The seminar discussed access to education in Syria, Iraq, Hawaii, Alaska, and Kashmir.

APHC leader Faiz Naqshbandi (L) and Ahmed Quraishi (R), Executive Director of Youth Forum for Kashmir (YFK) with an international human rights expert at UN, Geneva

APHC leader Faiz Naqshbandi (L) and Ahmed Quraishi (R), Executive Director of Youth Forum for Kashmir (YFK) with an international human rights expert at UN, Geneva

Ahmed Quraishi, Executive Director of Youth Forum For Kashmir (YFK), delivered a speech on his personal findings during visits to Syria, Iraq and the border regions of Afghanistan.

Turning to Kashmir, Quraishi said that the treatment of Kashmiri students in Indian schools is developing into a major international crisis and challenging the right of children to education in conflict zones. India, he said, needs to be seen publicly condemning organized attacks on Kashmiri students in Indian universities. The Indian government should also take credible and visible steps to prosecute those Indians involved in attacks on Kashmiri students and the political parties that instigate them through hate speech.

[The YFK is a grassroots lobbying group led by young Kashmiris and Pakistanis working to ensure justice to Kashmiris living under Indian military occupation.]

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8 replies

  1. Its not only with Kashmiri issues that India is failing with human rights issues. Every year hundreds and thousands of tourists go missing and are killed while holidaying in India, these cases never get investigated fully or get solved by the authorities in India. The system has been created where the grieving relatives will not be able to get any justice for their loved ones. Therefor these cases too qualify as human rights violations.


  2. Shame on India for their atrocities in Kashmir for the last about seven decades. The killings, rapes, disappearances, mass graves, stealing of resources etc have been widely reported but mostly ignored by the world at large. And that is a shame.


  3. If India has nothing to hide in Kashmir calls itself a biggest democracy then have a referendum like Britain did with Scotland,India knows by doing so they going to lose one way or the other to show to Western world ,we have so called
    Elections in Kashmir those people who are running kashmir for India are well paid corrupt and have been living in India (Delhi) for decades they don’t give a damm about ordinary Kashmiri’s why is United Nation waisting tax payers money
    For the past 65years because so called democracies in the western world want to keep it that way because it serves their


  4. It has been irresponsible in so many blatantly open ways, but it is shameful the British Govt continue to turn blind eye, silent voice, when it is called upon as do other global govts seeking economical alliance with India. When will human right to live in peace come first? The Home Minister of India Nov 2014 publically declares a Sikh ethnic cleansing, a Genocide in public, on the streets of Delhi, officially. With so many more cases of disappearances in Punjab, in the tens of thousands over the late 80s and 90s, Amnesty provides testimony. Yet India is only categorised, as irresponsible by the such UN affiliated bodies, but Why?


  5. Indian the worst & shameless nation with elephants teeth. They not only are irresponsible but state sponcer terrorists must accept the reality of Kashmir. We are living in afspa since 1989 I,e daily emergency. India has accepted their barbaric and cruel nature towards Kashmirs. Now they must leave their occupied part so, that we will enjoy freedom like other countries.


  6. Yes, India is a notorious nation .This is a country which does not practice international norms and regulation .I am more concerned about Indias policy towards Nepal .With every known dirty tricks in the book India has been able to send very poor , criminals Biharis and other its citizen to Nepal . Since last few decades it has been able to get Nepalese citizenship to 10-15 million Indians.The terai part of Nepal was covered with dense forest .Now almost all the forest is gone .Now with full and open support from Indian government those recently migrated Indians are fighting for INDEPENDENT nation in the terai.


  7. Uri encounter is another fake Chanakya Neeti or truth : Kashmiri pandit Ashok Razdan predict this encounter two days before that is called great visionary man he surpassed jagmohans vision
    Proof :

    How long innocent Kashmiris and poor army men will be sacrificed for political score – these indo pak politician enjoy birthday parties but common man from Kashmir and wazirstan or Baluch suffer

    Kashmiri Muslim doctors came to rescue injured Indian army men of uri : this is kashmiriyat , and insaaniyat at best .
    These Doctors might have lost thier loved, might have received blinded son or injured old father in ongoing genocide by RSS but that doesn’t stop them treat army men – coz they believe army men are after all human it’s politician who make things worst not civilian or army – although general Hooda clearly told Kashmir is not a military issue but politician will never hear the great person – you will never see son of Pakistan or Indian politician dying in war – it’s only poor no matter Kashmiri or army men .

    Local Kashmiri’s helping army to rescue Jawan’s from the camp.
    Local doctors assist army doctors to treat Jawan’s in hospitals.
    This is humanity, this is Kashmiriyat !
    India today reporter Wani told newsroom that civilian doctors from SKIMS have arrived to help army doctors in army hospital – see the video link below

    Uri encounter : united nation is again addressing human rights violation in Kashmir – 16 years back 36 Sikhs were murdered on the arrival of American president Clinton to give freedom movement a communal colour which was rejected by Kashmiri Sikhs – it turn out to be a ploy to malign ongoing democratically reverberated freedom movement of Kashmir – army blamed that they were successful in killing the foreign Islamic mercenaries who murdered innocent Sikhs – later on it turn to be a fake encounter of innocent Kashmiris farmers and army men were sentenced – amnesty appreciated this
    Another twist later on –

    ‘Pathribal linked to Chatisinghpora’- Sikh bodies say clean chit to accused Army-men a shame | read full at ~


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