“The world needs to revere all faiths and oppose extremists” – PM Imran Khan at UN

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

On September 27, 2019, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan, in his extempore speech of one hour unveiled the gruesome face of the Indian duplicity, diplomacy, democracy and hypocrisy. He with immense zeal and zest presented his view points.

Two points of his speech concern all the men of sanity and sagacity who look at things with the eyes of neutrality. First; Islam and second Kashmir. He pronounced that all religions preach peace. No religion preaches terrorism. The Arabic word Islam means Peace.

‘Radical Islam’ is a pernicious term coined up intentionally to disgrace our religion. We find religious extremists in all faiths but their religions are not derided as our religion is debased. We see religious extremism in Indian ruling party BJP and RSS. But no one uses the term Hindu terrorism. We have moderates, liberals, radicals , progressive and retrogressive in all religions but the term Islamic Radicalism is used by the anti- Islamic forces with pugnacious intent.

He appealed to the wiser section of society to revere all faiths and oppose extremists. He further elaborated with cogent arguments from Islamics that Islam gives equal opportunities and facilities to all humans. Islam stresses on the rights of the minorities in an Islamic State. I appreciate his speech as a humble writer of politics, literature, philosophy and theology. We must promote the spirit of all religions and that is peace love, moderation, justice and humanity.

It was a few years ago, Mr. Imran Khan asked the then Secretary General of his party Meraj Mohammad Khan to visit me and discuss the political matters and seek guidance. He kindly called on me and at my residence we had a detailed meeting following dinner. The next day, per sweet wish of Imran Khan, I called on him in his Islamabad Party Office and for one hour we discussed Pakistan politics and the new avenues to introduce revolutionary steps in our polity. I also presented him my book titled The Message of Islam.

The second issue the PM vehemently replete with arguments and facts discussed in his speech was the issue of Kashmir. He said that it was the UN which granted the right to self- determination to the Kashmiris which is still pending. It is still on the agenda of the UN. He appealed to the General Body of the UN to pressurize India to resolve the Kashmir Issue according to the UN resolutions. He told the audience about the unprecedented atrocities being perpetrated on defenseless Kashmiris by the Indian predators.

Ms. Allis Wells, Deputy Secretary State Office of the USA has categorically asked the Indian government to uplift curfew from Srinagar and release all political prisoners anonly. She expressed the concern of the American government on the violation of human rights in Kashmir. She reiterated that President of America Donald Trump intends to mediate and get resolved Kashmir Issue amicably. It is a welcoming announcement.

Last month, I mailed my book titled “The Plight of Kashmir” to Mr. Imran Khan. I received the letter of thanks and the proposals I had written in my letter were acknowledged and appreciated. We need to use all energy and resources to highlight the Kashmir issue as it is the matter of our life and death. I appeal to the saner factors worldwide to condemn Indian aggression and help the Kashmiris in their genuine democratic right of plebiscite. It is the only way to avert the imminent menace of nuclear strike in the Sub-continent.

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