Indian State Terrorism in Kashmir

Indian State Terrorism in Kashmir

By Professor Dr. Maqsood Jafri

The United Nations’ Human Rights Council has scheduled in September 2020, to convene a meeting in which human rights abuses by India in Kashmir will be discussed as well. It is earnestly  urged that its’ session should explore and bring to lime light all avenues to restore law and order situation in Kashmir and halt the violation of human rights.
The Indian expansionist designs in Ladakh stirred the Chinese and astoundingly estranged the reins of Indian unharnessed steed in its defense. India viciously tried to stir a conflict in the area but had to flee after leaving behind twenty dead bodies of its soldiers.
On September 1, 2020, once again, India quested to intervene across the border. India is inviting draconian death. Indian expansionist designs will fall down like a sandy wall by one gust of wind. India is drowning In a gurge. It can’t face Pakistani chivalrous army, how could it confront and fight Chinese Army?
The former Chief of Indian intelligence agency RAW, Mr. Lulat Singh has stressed on the need of resolving Kashmir issue through political means. He outright rejected the use of force by the Indian government in Kashmir for the permanent settlement of this dispute.
In March 2008, American State Office had issued a report that ten thousand Kashmiris are missing. They were  abducted by Indian Occupied forces and killed. The alarming part of the report was that the Indian government had announced to give Rs fifty thousand to a person who would report or help in the arrest of a freedom fighter. The Indian spies used to get innocents charging them as terrorists for petty gains.
The Washington Post, a few years ago wrote that nearly about seven hundred thousand Indian army is stationed in Kashmir but has badly failed to break the will of Kashmiris. Even, in a report published in Hindu Times accepted that in a poll 87 percent Kashmiris said that they want freedom from India.
Modi’s’ authoritarianism has not only put the life of millions of Indians at stake but it predicts imminent humanitarian crisis that may extend beyond borders.
It is pertinent to mention here that the petrified passions of Modi are a smudge on the gruesome visage of Indian so called secularism. Modi is a terrorist. He is a fascist. The Indian Muslims are very much scared of his uncouth politics.
On my WhatsApp, there are writers world over. Mostly I post my English and Urdu poetry and columns on my WhatsApp and Facebook for the perusal of poets, intellectuals and literary people. Off and on I post my columns on Kashmir and unveil the ferocious face of Indian predators.
I was astonished when a writer from India requested me not to post columns on Kashmir to him as he was very scared of the Indian government. He expressed his intense wrath against Indian atrocities in India and Kashmir but also expressed his fear and fright. It is sufficient to unmask the face of Indian false claims of democracy and secularism.
On September 16, 2020, Indian Army under the pretext of house search killed four young Kashmiris in Srinagar and Pulwama. On these atrocities the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan protested and the Turks aired a very heart touching song in English that condemns Indian aggression.
On September 17, 2020, the European Union Ambassador Androulla Kaminara called on  the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and discussed Operationalization of Strategic Engagement Plan for collaboration in diverse fields. The Foreign Minister briefed her on the deplorable human rights situation in Kashmir. He stressed that the European Union should play its role in highlighting the adverse human rights situation in Kashmir. It is suggested that literature on Kashmir should be provided to such diplomatic dignitaries.
In 1996, my book titled The Plight of Kashmir was published by Kashmir Cell , Muzaffarabad and was presented to the Foreign diplomats. Its second edition has been published by National Book Foundation, Islamabad in 2018. It is an authentic book encompassing all important aspects of the Kashmir case. I humbly suggest  to the Foreign Office to officially present it to all ambassadors in Islamabad and also send this book to Pakistan embassies to be given to the intellectuals, writers, journalists and officials for the right comprehension of the Kashmir Issue.
The blood running through the veins of the men of mettle and conscious boils on the atrocities being perpetrated on defenseless Kashmiris. An eminent English writer and a great patriot Tahir Mehmood has recently written a heart touching poem on Kashmir. I want to share it with my readers.
“Thy name was my comfort,
Though you burnt for so long,
But never in a grip so draconian,
The monster in blood sucking pride,
Comes dare to sleep over your bosom,
Forgetting the revenge resides there,
The power of hate all over,
Thy glory, honor, all tattered,
Becomes the maddening cause of my fight for you,
War shall never cease , till the monster crushed.
For death is my ecstasy,martyrdom goal,
You shall be liberated , adorned on martyrs’ graves,
That day is far off, we shall fight on.”

The Indian predators must know that not only our brave soldiers but our passionate poets also yearn for martyrdom and announce that death is their ecstasy and martyrdom goal.

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