The 75th Anniversary of UN and Kashmir Issue

The 75th Anniversary of UN and Kashmir Issue

By Dr. Maqsood Jafri

On the 75th anniversary of the United Nations Volkan Bozkir , the President of the UN General Assembly observed:

”The future we want and the UN we need is our commitment to multilateralism. I intend to place an emphasis on the need to advance the UN collective agenda for humanity with particular attention to vulnerable groups, people in need and people under oppression.”

Antonia Guterres, the Secretary General of the UN asserted on the need of amicable resolutions of the issues of the Muslim world such as Kashmir, Palestine and Syrian crisis. Their intentions are highly commendable but the question arises as to what about the burning issues of Kashmir and Palestine? These issues are on the agenda of UN since seven decades.

In 1995, eighty thousand Bosnian Muslims were brutally massacred by the Serbs. This massive massacre continued for months. America, Britain and UN remained silent spectators till irreparable damage was done.

In 1994, a colossal genocide occurred in Rawanda. Nearly about a million Muslims were brutally killed by Hutus. UN did no effort to stop it. In 1963, Greek Cypriots attacked Turkish Cypriots , the UN failed to decide the conflict on merit. These all lapses show the ineffective role of UN to solve the problems. It is bound to meet the fate of League of Nations if it does not leave partisan role.

In the virtual address of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan categorically pointed out that India is obliterating the distinct Kashmiri identity through illegal measures in Indian occupied Kashmir. He condemned the unilateral decisions of India on Kashmir issue and severely reprimanded the violation of human rights in Indian occupied Kashmir by the Indian forces.

He said Kashmir is a nuclear flash point and needs immediate attention. He also pleaded that the UN Security Council had passed resolutions on Kashmir and granted them the right to Self- determination. It is the duty of the UN to get the resolutions on Kashmir implemented.

About the speech of Imran Khan, Aljazeera has reported:

“Fire crackers were set off and slogans shouted in Srinagar, the main city in Indian- administered Kashmir, immediately after Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan finished his speech at the United Nations”.

Aljazeera has cited the comments of some Kashmiris residing in Srinagar who praised the speech of Imran Khan and said that they have felt solace and gathered courage that someone is on our back. We are not alone in our genuine and democratic struggle against Indian aggression. The Kashmiris appreciated the moral and diplomatic assistance of Pakistan on international forum.

The President of Turkey Rajab Erdogan in his speech with great commitment supported the cause of Kashmiris and demanded the solution of the Kashmir dispute according to the UN resolutions. He strongly condemned the violation of human rights in Kashmir. It must be mentioned here that Rajab Erdogan had already on several occasions condemned Indian atrocities being perpetrated on defenceless Kashmiris by Indian Occupied forces.

Turkey has officially released a heart touching video. It is a song in English sung by a lady named Della Miles with melancholic voice and with sobbing heart and tearful eyes. The lines of the song are as such:

“Which story can I tell?

Which pain here I can sell?

Every day of mine is the same.

For my share is only shame.

Kashmir is my name.

Torture endless torture.

Kashmir is my name.

Death is my fame.

Which poem I can write

Suffering here

Kashmir is my name

Massacre again and again. “

I humbly beseech the writers world over to write on the agony of Kashmiris. Today, we need poets like Byron and Dr. Iqbal who wrote on freedom of mankind. It is the height of Indian brutality and inhumanity that they have started a campaign to dislike this song so that it is taken off from YouTube. Shame on the so-called champions of freedom of speech and press.

The ring leader of Indian racists, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in his maliciously contrived speech did not even mention the name of Kashmir. His speech was a pack of lies. I wonder how such a man was permitted by the UN president to address the UN General Assembly who had violated the UN resolutions on Kashmir and is a fascist and racist?

In New York, in front of the UN Office, the Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora launched a massive protest against Modi. They chanted slogans against Indian aggression and the forcible merger of Kashmir in India. Indian representative Mijito Vinito claimed that Kashmir is the internal matter and is an integral part of India. The Pakistani Representative Zulqarnain Cheema aptly retorted and proclaimed that Kashmir is a disputed territory and its fate will be decided by the Kashmiris and this right has been granted to them by UN resolutions.

How shameful it is that Indian Prime Minister Modi and the Indian Representative spoke lies on International forum. The forum that had passed resolutions to hold free and impartial plebiscite in Kashmir is being hoodwinked by the Indians and nobody stops these goons and swindlers for betrayals.

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