Kashmir Issue: A Volcano in South Asia

Kashmir Issue: A Volcano in South Asia

By Dr. Maqsood Jafri

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, the Kashmiris were not allowed to offer Eid Prayers in the Grand Mosque of Srinagar and all over Indian Occupied Kashmir. If there is calm and peace in Kashmir as asserted by Indian Premier Narendra Modi, then why ban on prayer?

The APHC General Secretary, Moulvi Bashir Ahmed Irfani, the Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Youth Social Forum Umer Adil Dar and the Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Peace Forum advocate Devender Singh Behl in their press statements expressed deep concern over the continued bloodshed of the Kashmiris by the colonial occupation of Indian forces. The ban imposed on Eid congressional prayers in mosques has unmasked the gruesome face of Indian so called secularism.

Modi in his frantic tempo is committing mistake after mistake. He has banned the study of Chinese language as an optional subject in Indian schools and colleges. It is the height of stupidity. His spite even with a language shows his idiotic mind-set. I call it the apex of deflected, deranged and degenerated mind-set.

The army chief of Pakistan General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited the Line of Control in Khoei Rata, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir on Eid and addressed the soldiers who are valiantly defending the sacred soil of motherland. Army Chief reiterated his unshakable stance that Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and soon Kashmir will be the part of Pakistan.

He warned India to remain in shirts and refrain from aggression and befitting response will be given to Indian assaults. The whole nation appreciated the address of our dynamic, brave and patriotic General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Bravo: Hurrah.

The Indian Defence Minister blabbered a few days ago that the Indian army is very brave and will face valiantly the Chinese army. What a bluffing. Indian army cannot face Pakistani army, the hell it will face the Chinese army. The bravery of the Indian army can be gauged from the recently given interview of a former Indian Major General Mr. Bakhshi. He said that in 1991 skirmishes at Kargil, Pakistani army fought with great commitment, bravery and courage and thrashed out Indian Army. Indian 50 Punjab regiment was badly beaten and was intimidated. The then government hid our shameful defeat. Pakistani army made us to rub the nose. This interview is a slap on the face of Indian Defence Minister.

Kashmir is a test case for UN. Kashmir is like a volcano that can erupt any time and its eruption will destroy and devastate the fabric of the South Asia. The devilish and devious designs of Modi will turn both the countries into debris. India is a big country and needs sober and sane leadership. It needs a debonair leader. It does not need a deceitful and debilitated dullard.

I appeal to the saner Indian element to resist the policies of Modi if they want to avert the nuclear strike in the Sub-continent. Pakistan will go to any extent to save its solidarity and identity. Let us save our coming generations from the hazards of nuclear war.

The president of the USA, Donald Trump in his electioneering campaign had enthusiastically announced to mediate to resolving Kashmir issue. India claims to be the buddy of America. For the last seven decades, it was a “Maid “of America and now has become the “Mistress” of America. These coquetries of a whore will not last long. This friendship is unnatural and is based to damage China. India is very adroitly playing double game.

Why India refused the offer of Trump as an arbitrator. Simply, because India has no legal base and stand on Kashmir Issue. On the coming American election Mr. Joe Biden of Democratic Party is assessing and weighing the scales and jockeying between Indian- American and Pakistani- American vote bank. It is imperative for overseas Pakistanis to take part in the local politics of the countries they live in and fight for the cause of Pakistan and Kashmir and nullify Indian plans against Pakistan. Neither America nor any other Western country is serious about the plight of Kashmiris as it is not their cup of tea. They drink coffee and wine and we can only provide them a cup of tea. They boast on being democratic countries but support monarchies in Arab world to grind the axe. Petrol is dearer to them than human blood.

The high handedness and foolhardiness of Modi resulted in the tarnished image of India worldwide. One of its fallouts is that on July 15, 2020, much awaited signing of a high profile economic partnership agreement between the European Union and India could not materialize. Iran has also cancelled its pact on Chabahar Port with India and signed an economic pact with China. It is a way forward to opening new economic and strategic vistas between China, Iran and Pakistan. It is a happy omen for us and will strengthen our hands against India.

These two fallouts are the outcome of the hawkish policies of Modi on international front. Indian on-going border tensions with China have locked them in a military conflict in Eastern Ladakh. This is the right and ripe time that China, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and SAARC countries should unite to contain Indian expansionist designs.

The inhuman treatment of Modi with the Indian Muslims also established him a racist and religious extremist in the world community. The president of European Council Charles Michal severely criticized India and protested against the “Citizenship Amendment Act” which discriminated the legislation of the Muslims. The European Union also expressed deep concern on the Indian illegal and undemocratic step in Kashmir and voiced against the violations of human rights in Kashmir. Shamelessly, the Indian Home Minister bragged rather brayed that India will conquer the territories comprising Azad Kashmiri, Gilgat-Baltistan and Aksai Chin. This statement is a warning to Pakistan and China.

Pakistan should confront India on two fronts and like a two edged dagger pierce its pride into pieces. Its arrogance will be buried in the ditches and dykes of nonentity. First; on the diplomatic front through our embassies, we should launch a gigantic movement against India and seek the succour of our friends on diplomatic front. Second; we need to form a Block under the Leadership of China and break India as she broke Pakistan in 1971 and turned East Pakistan into Bangladesh. India is bound to disintegrate in to further two parts. Only planning is required. “Khalistan “in East Punjab for Sikhs and “Islamistan” of UP and Muslim majority areas in India. To avert the strike of nuclear war and escape from the imminent Volcano of Kashmir, it is imperative to dismember India.

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