Why China and Pakistan Should Sign a Defence Pact

Why China and Pakistan Should Sign a Defence Pact

By Dr. Maqsood Jafri

On May 29, 2020, two young Kashmiris have been brutally killed by Indian Army. Targeted and random killings are rampant. China has occupied some territory in Ladakh. That area is nearly about twenty miles far from the route of CPEC. To protect the CPEC route, it was essential to occupy it.

As Kashmir is a disputed territory between India and Pakistan and India has always refused to hold fair and free plebiscite in Kashmir, the act of China has justification as according to Karachi China-Pakistan Pact, we need China to protect and watch the interests of Pakistan. 42735 kilometres territory of Kashmir is under the temporary control of China according to Karachi Pact. 37555 kilometres land is of Aksai Chin under the control of China. The length of Cease Fire Line is 750 kilometres.

UN Security Council passed the resolution on Kashmir in January 1949 and granted the right to Self- determination to the Kashmiris. Admiral W. Nimitz was appointed the first Plebiscite Administrator. On April 12, 1950 Sir Owen Dixon was appointed as Arbitrator. On March 30, 1951, Dr. Frank Graham was appointed arbitrator to prepare the grounds for free and fair plebiscite under the auspices of UN.

Joseph Karbal was also appointed administrator for the same purpose. In his book titled “Danger in Kashmir”, he has unveiled the grim and gruesome visage of the Indian duplicity and diplomacy. The First Indian Premier Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru time and again pledged to hold free and fair plebiscite in Kashmir but eventually said: “ Time will resolve Kashmir Issue”. By this tricky and devilish statement , he meant the delay policy. He inferred that the coming generations would forget this issue. He misjudged. Have the Kashmiris forgotten Kashmir Issue?

For the last 72 years ,they are valiantly struggling and sacrificing for freedom.

Shafi Ahmad Qadri in his book titled “ Flora and Fauna of Kashmir, “ has written about the sensitive geographical nature of Ladakh. Neelum River flows from Dras, Kargil. The tributary of Indus River is in Ladakh. Its geographical importance cannot be ignored. It is my ardent desire that China should occupy the whole territory of Ladakh as the Indian occupation of Ladakh is illegal.

Pakistan should endorse it in the light of Karachi Pact. In this Pact it is mentioned that the control over this territory is temporary and is only for administrative purpose. On the demand of Pakistan, this land will be given back to Pakistan.

Pakistan should sign an other Pact with China to permit China to occupy Ladakh militarily till the decision of Kashmir dispute. Ladakh is a disputed territory between India and Pakistan. India has violated the UN resolutions on Kashmir by annexing Kashmir, Jammu, and Ladakh forcibly by revoking the articles 370 and 35- A from its constitution. By doing so she has lost all moral, democratic, humane and legal position on Kashmir. China and Pakistan should use military force to free the Kashmiris from the Indian subjugation.

China and Pakistan should sign a Defense Pact. The CPEC plan has created great unrest and upheaval in the Indian crooked circles. The Indians are upbraiding China and Pakistan on this economic project.

My life long study and involvement in the matters of Muslims has convinced me that the UN is partial and has failed to resolve the highly sensitive issues like the issues of Palestine and Kashmir. In my book titled The Plight of Kashmir, published by National Book Foundation, Islamabad, I have given very sound suggestions on the issue of Kashmir.

The Muslim rulers are stooges and have no interest in the matters of Muslims. It is my considered opinion that to unyoke the Kashmiris from India and to permanently safeguard CPEC from Indian hegemony, China-Pakistan Defence Pact is the Toll of Time.

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