Beginning of Corona: End of Pollution

Beginning of Corona: End of Pollution

By Khateeb Ahmed

Corona, corona, corona; what a jarring sound that we have listened to countless times in the past few months. The heart is restless, the mind is depressed. There are many challenges on the psychological front and it is important to have strong nerves to face this pandemic.

Most of the medical experts advise that if you suffer from mental stress, a tried and tested way to avoid it is to take a walk in the open air because this greenery calms the heart and the mind. But in the past few decades, even the open-air has become polluted, due to which clean air is not available.

The good news though is that since the global lockdown, pollution has dropped significantly. Due to the reduction in pollution, the halo of light around the sun is also beginning to form and was seen after a long time in Karachi. It became possible because the pollution has reduced. It is important for the environment and all living beings that reduction in pollution takes place.

More recently, Michael Oppenheimer, a professor of geo-sciences and global affairs at Princeton University said that Donald Trump’s four more years in the White House would mean that the world’s most important country would be far from tackling global climate change. However, experts have also warned that 2020 is possibly the most important year to deal with the catastrophic global warming and human beings need to plan for it.

There are many obstacles to environmental protection, from the US election to Brexit. In 2017, US President Donald Trump shocked the world when he said that the United States is the largest carbon emitter in history.

In fact it is a global phenomenon that the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is increasing. If we look at the situation in our country, we will know that we have polluted the canals, the rivers and the sea along with the land. There is so much pollution on the beaches in Karachi that people can get sick.

According to modern research, shopping centres with more greenery are more popular. On the other hand, capitalists are also planting trees on barren lands and increasing greenery and selling housing schemes and plots at exorbitant prices.

In our country in general and in Sindh province in particular, there is no greenery. In addition, walking in a dusty environment to reduce stress caused by the coronavirus will invite more illness.

It seems that Japan has found the solution to this problem. They get peace of mind through a process called “Shinrin Yoku”. This procedure is called ‘Forest Bathing’ or “Bathing in the Forest” while regular medical benefits are obtained from it.

In it, people go to the solitude of the forest and meditate quietly among the trees. This process lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, ulcers and stress, as the trees release compounds called “phytoncide” which are good for health. That is why the Japanese government, after research, has made this process part of the country’s health policy. In Pakistan, we are still waiting for our surroundings to become green.

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