It’s Time For Pakistan To Sever Diplomatic Relations With India

It’s Time For Pakistan To Sever Diplomatic Relations With India

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

The prominent Kashmiri freedom fighter Junaid Sahrai was martyred a few days ago in Paeen, Nawakadal, Srinagar by Indian Army. Besides, a youth of 13 years was also shot dead. India has once again clamped curfew in Srinagar. The Kashmiris in throngs have come on streets and are protesting against Indian illegal occupation.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to hoodwink the world by issuing false statements that there is calm and peace in Kashmir. Actually, the Hindutva Supremacist Modi is akin to Nazis’ “Lebensraum”.

His hegemonic and expansionist designs are a great threat to India’s neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. I suggest that under the leadership of China, these countries should unite and form “Protective Block” and teach India a permanent lesson.
The present leadership in India needs to come to senses as the deplorable situation in Kashmir warrants immediate and amicable resolution of the Kashmir Issue according to the UN resolutions to avoid the imminent nuclear strike in the Sub- continent.
It is an optimistic omen that an Arab princess Ms. Hindal Qasimi through her columns has mobilized the Arabs in the favour of Indian and Kashmiri Muslims. She has pointed out the war mongering mind set of Modi and appealed to the Muslim rulers to interfere and halt the Indian aggression.
G20 Group on a video conference strongly protested against Indian atrocities being perpetrated on innocent Indian Muslims. The president of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman also condemned Indian aggression on Muslims. They waned India to immediately stop the genocide of the Muslims.
I wish OIC takes a joint decision of diplomatic severance with India and puts economic sanctions on India as well. Let the dream of Muslim Unity and Pan-Islamism of Syed Jamal-ud-Deen Afghani, Mohammad Abdo of Egypt, Nazim Hikmat of Turkey and Dr. Iqbal of Pakistan come true.
C. J Post Classified European Channel has issued a report that recently two hundred young Kashmiri girls have been abdicated and gang raped by Indian Army. We proudly brag that on the appeal of a Muslim victimized girl, Muhammad bin Qasim invaded Sindh and defeated Raja Dahr. How about the Muslim Kashmiri girls being raped by ferocious Indian army? Shame on all Muslims.
The commentator of CJ strongly condemned the Indian ferocity and appealed to the world to take serious notice of it but sorrowfully Pakistani electronic and print media did not break this alarming news. I appeal to the government of Pakistan to lodge an FIR against the war crimes of Modi. He should be punished by the International Court of Justice for the blatant and gross violation of human rights.

Yesterday, India has asked two Pakistani diplomats to immediately leave India. They are falsely charged with getting involved in non-diplomatic activities. It is an Indian trick to hoodwink the world and blame Pakistan. Under the situation, Pakistan should sever the diplomatic relations with India. The question arises: “ When Pakistan does not sever the diplomatic relations with India, how can we expect diplomatic severance from the Muslim and democratic world with India”? Is there any answer to this million dollar question?

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