Prague Protests: Counterproductive Policies, Not “Russian Propaganda”, Were Responsible

Prague Protests: Counterproductive Policies, Not “Russian Propaganda”, Were Responsible

By Andrew Korybko

The self-sustaining cycle of socio-economic and political unrest triggered by European leaders complying with the US’ demands to promulgate counterproductive policies is expected to continue for the indefinite future.

large-scale protest took place in the Czech capital of Prague on Saturday involving an estimated 70,000-100,000 people who came out en masse to peacefully raise maximum awareness of their government’s policies that have drastically worsened their living standards over the past half-year. Instead of acknowledging their legal dissent despite disagreeing with the causes behind their socio-economic suffering, Prime Minister Petr Fiala attempted to discredit the protest by falsely claiming that it “was called by forces that are pro-Russian”, adding that “It is clear that Russian propaganda and disinformation campaigns are present on our territory and some people simply listen to them.”

His reaction appears to have been influenced by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s latest remark completely discrediting the entire concept of Western Democracy after she insisted that her government will cling to its illegal anti-Russian sanctions policy despite it being directly responsible for her people’s socio-economic suffering. Like her, Fiala also refuses to change course, let alone recognize that his government’s same policy is responsible for triggering the same reaction from his people as Baerbock’s has already triggered from her own. The identical nature of these neighbouring governments’ policies and their responses to the popular discontent that they provoked exposes a large trend.

To elaborate, the European elite were ordered by their American patrons into promulgating counterproductive policies that tanked their economies and provoked political unrest, both consequences of which have absolutely nothing to do with so-called “Russian propaganda” and everything to do with the US’ meddling in their sovereign affairs. Had these politicians retained even a semblance of policymaking independence, then they’d have at least countenanced the benefits inherent in acknowledging their people’s peacefully expressed and legitimate frustrations along with possibly scaling back some of these same counterproductive policies for politically self-serving reasons.

Instead, these same leaders are clinging to the policies that are responsible for destabilizing their countries by none other than their own hand for reasons that are clearly connected to the debts that they owe their American patrons for putting them in power in the first place. It’s one thing to be thrown out of office after the next election, exactly as President Putin predicted in mid-June during the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) could very well happen across the entirety of the EU in the coming future in order to bring about what he described as “a change in elites” (which is a clever play on the US’ policy of regime change), and another entirely to be taken out by the US as revenge.

By “taken out”, what’s being implied here isn’t just that American intelligence could orchestrate the sequence of political events leading to their replacement by a more pliable puppet, but perhaps even advancing the worst-case scenario that could remove the targeted politician for good. It’s with these fears in mind, the credibility of which is unquestionable considering the CIA’s track record over the decades, that politicians like Baerbock and Fiala continue clinging to their counterproductive policies in spite of them having totally destabilized their own countries. Attempting to blame everything on so-called “Russian propaganda” will only provoke their people even more.

The EU’s censorship of publicly financed Russian international media flagships RT and Sputnik means that neither of them (which are just publicly financed and not “state-controlled” unlike the BBC and their other Western analogues) has any realistic chance of influencing Czechs, Germans, or the bloc’s many other people into protesting against their governments even if they tried (which hasn’t happened nor will it). Their citizens know this too, hence why their authorities’ false claims are rightly interpreted as insults to their intelligence and desperate smears to discredit their genuinely grassroots and purely peaceful expression of their constitutionally enshrined political rights, thus provoking more protests.

The self-sustaining cycle of socio-economic and political unrest triggered by European leaders complying with the US’ demands to promulgate counterproductive policies is expected to continue for the indefinite future. The end result is that the EU will continue being destabilized per America’s Machiavellian grand strategy of weaponizing chaos in an attempt to create opportunities that it can consequently exploit in order to indefinitely prolong the decline of its unipolar hegemony. Millions of people will suffer, US influence will surge throughout the bloc, and Europe will never be able to collectively compete with America again.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Voice of East.

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